Parallel Kingdom
Description: Parallel Kingdom Parallel Kingdom Review Parallel Kingdom is a very unique free to play video game. The game world is not animated by the game developer itself. It is a fantasy based MMORPG that is played using Google Maps and GPS. This means you play the game on top of a map based on your location. For me, I played the game in my native country of New Zealand. Parallel Kingdom was initially released for iOS and Android platforms back in November 2009. In 2011, the game became so popular that its user based exceeded 1 million players worldwide. Because of this success, the game is now free to play and can be played by downloading the app via the Google Chrome browser or via Facebook. I have to say, the game does not run very well as of time of writing. I am playing the game using my laptop via Google Chrome and the servers have been very unresponsive as of late. The game becomes very unresponsive and often crashes on you. Hopefully, they can get this fixed so most gamers will have a smoother experience than I had from the game. With that being said, my time with Parallel Kingdom was a very unique one to say the least. For the tutorial, everyone starts off playing in New York. As a New Zealander, it was a pretty daunting experience looking at how big New York is. Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand but it pales in comparison to the share size of The Big Apple. Anyway, the maps that are used in Parallel Kingdom are only 2D street maps. Sadly, you do not get to view your own city itself in the game. Player icons and enemies are only animated as tiny avatars that are situated throughout the map you are playing in. Dont expect to see state of the art visuals in Parallel Kingdom because this has one of the most simplistic visuals you will ever see in a modern-day video game. The controls and gameplay in Parallel Kingdom is very simple and easy to grasp as well. If you are playing the game on a smartphone, navigating through the game world is a piece of cake as all you have to do is swipe your fingers. If you are using your computer, simple clicks of the mouse buttons will suffice. In terms of the game itself, it is pretty much a game full of small characters with big heads, buildings and other points of interest for you to interact with. Combat is fairly simple in this game as well. All you have to do is click on an enemy and your character will start attacking it. All you see is an enemys HP go down and you do not actually get to see your character hacking and slashing like you would in most other MMORPG games out there. All you see is his sword bopping up and down. The main purpose of the game is to travel across the game world and overtaking other territories. The more territories you visit, the more items are available and the more enemies there are to face. You have the option of fighting other players too by trying to claim their territories as well. The one thing I did not like about this game is that there are no real locations for you to explore. Most other MMORPG video games immerse you inside a large fantasy world for you to explore. You get a real sense of being an adventurer and exploring the large game world is one of the main things that make MMRPRG games so fun. You dont get this sort of feeing while playing Parallel Kingdom. It gets boring really quick just looking at 2D maps of the place you already live in. I would rather play the tutorial again to see New York once again. I have to say, Parallel Kingdom must be a better experience playing on a smartphone. The bite sized entertainment and Google Map feature is innovative and more suited on a portable platform. Playing on a computer, the game did not seem as fun as it could be when compared with other MMORPG games. Do not get me wrong, Parallel Kingdom is a very unique game and is fun to play if you are willing to see past its simplistic visuals. Although the gameplay itself is not as immersive if you are used to playing fully fledged 3D MMORPG games online.
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