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Bloody Bite

Bloody Bite Bloody Bite Impressions Everyone should know by now the pop cultural impact Stephenie Meyer s Twilight book series have made upon the world. Ever since the popular book series became a blockbuster movie franchise, everything that had either werewolves or vampires in them has also become popular. TV shows such as True Blood and The Vampire Diaries have been successful because of this craze. Bloody Bite is one of the first few video games to capitalize on the whole Vampire and Werewolf craze started by the Twilight franchise. Most video gamers dislike Twilight; therefore most game developers opt to making games that are about killing zombies more than anything else. Bloody Bite is only in beta phase for now, so let s see what this game offers so far. First off, you have to choose whether you want to be a vampire of werewolf in the game. You can choose to be either a female or male in this game. The illustrations in this game are very detailed and Twilight fans will love the obvious resemblances of the characters that are featured in this game. Obviously, the vampires in this game are all pale and elegant. The werewolves are all hairy and rugged looking. Once you ve decided on who you want to be, you have to choose your preferred class type as well. There are three types of class types: Monster, Hunter and Technician. The Monster class is a specialist in supernatural type abilities. The Hunter class is good with long range combat while the Technician is good with short range combat. After choosing your character s preferences, you re ready to enter the world of Bloody Bite. At first, I thought Bloody Bite was an action title given its portrayal of Vampires vs. Werewolves. Little did I know that this game is actually a MMORTS. The game is set in the 1920s so this isn t a modern-day setting that Twilight fans will be normally accustomed with. Both the Vampires and Werewolves want to take control of Earth and this can be done in a variety of ways. Bloody Bite is a pretty unique concept to the tired and often times overused RTS genre. The setting is something to be admired since the supernatural exploits of wolves and vampires are rarely explored in video games. It s a nice change of scenery from seeing soldier with guns or knight with swords all the tine . The visuals in this game are also very impressive. The illustrations for each character in this game are all hand-drawn and are beautifully rendered. One of the weaker aspects of Bloody Bite is again the combat system. For a game that features both vampires and werewolves, it would have been really fun if you were able to manually control each character and their attacks. Imagine becoming a vampire and stalking your prey by biting their neck. On the flipside, being a bloodthirsty werewolf would have been cool as well. Sadly, combat is all simulated and battles are viewed like a deck of trading cards. Unlike with trading card games however, you cannot choose a specific attack you want to initiate either. The combat itself is turn-based and you have the ability to recruit more allies on your team, although you have no power or control in combat in this game which might be boring for some gamers. Bloody Bite is still in beta phase and the full game will not be out until later this year. It will still be a free to play game so if the theme and setting of this game intrigues you, you may want to look out for this game. It may not be a game that will appeal t everyone, although it s unique approach to the RTS genre will entice some.

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Bloody Bite

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