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Perpetuum Perpetuum is a massively multiplayer online game, set on a distant planet in the future. Players are piloting their robots in a persistent sandbox, which means everyone is part of one world, one story, one history. We have vast terrain with plants and minerals, a free economy, amazing combat and a friendly community. Come join us and experience a truly remarkable virtual world!

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Perpetuum Review
Perpetuum is a science fiction based MMORPG game available to play online. It is not a free to play video game however; all players are able to register to trial the game for only 15 days. Once your 15 days are up, you have to pay for an upgrade of your account in order to continue playing the game. It is a monthly fee so if you enjoy the game, you might want to fork out the money if this game interests you that much.
Perpetuum is not a simplistic looking MMORPG game with basic looking graphics. You do need to download around 700mb of the game data first. The minimum RAM required is 1.5GB. Even when I was playing the game on a computer with 2GB RAM, the game still ran pretty slow so itís advisable to have a computer thatís 3GB RAM or more if you donít want to experience any lag when playing Perpetuum.
The setting and gameplay for Perpetuum is very unique because the game is set on a far away planet run by only robots. This is because humans have pretty much depleted all of Earthís resources so they have found a planet called Nia to seek out new forms of energy. They do this by the way of remotely controlling robots to explore the planet.
Graphically, Nia is a huge place and Perpetuum does not hold back when it comes to graphical prowess. As mentioned before, itís best to have a decent computer before you decide to play this game because I experienced a lot of lag while navigating Nia. Nia is a pretty huge place and itís easy to get lost in this place really quickly. You have to give credit to the developer for designing this world as it looks like anything you might see from any Hollywood science fiction movie.
One thing to take note is that this game is not simple to play and this is evident with the gameís tutorial mode. Other MMORPG games have some pretty basic controls as itís basically just pointing and clicking with your mouse. Combat and even moving around in this game isnít so easy which is annoying in my opinion as it feels like the developer unnecessarily made something complicated for the sake of it. Even something normal such as shooting other robots can become a nightmare as you have to open up a different menu to load up and ammo and even to aim.
There are other types of missions you can participate in this game such as mining and other menial tasks. Missions themselves are not simple either compared to other MMORPG games and it can be very challenging as a whole. Another thing to look out for in Perpetuum is other players roaming the large game area that is the planet Nia. Itís best to prepare yourself for combat most of the time because PvP combat is available to do in most areas of the game. This means other players can attack you at anytime even though you may not welcome itÖ
Perpetuum relies heavily on customization and there are a lot of parts you can acquire for your robot to make it stronger. This includes several parts of weapons, armor and other upgrades so you can potentially become the best equipped robot on the entire planet of Nia. Items do cost in-game credits so itís a good idea to complete some missions first so you can earn enough credits to make any upgrades you wish.
Perpetuum is a very unique and enjoyable MMORPG game. The science fiction setting sets it apart from the many fantasy based MMORPG games that are released these days. Itís also pretty fun being a robot and upgrading its parts. The only few things stopping this game from being very fun is that the learning curve is very step and it can be pretty time consuming. Also, the gameplay is very hard and wonít be accessible to most gamers. If youíre a hardcore MMORPG fan, Perpetuum is the perfect game for you. For anyone else, itís better trying to play something else that is more user-friendlyÖ

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