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Dragon Crusade

Dragon Crusade Dragon Crusade, or 7 Dragons 2 is a free to play text based browser game developed by China based Sun Ground and published by Aeria Games. The first title 7 Dragons was published by OutSpark while Dragon Crusade is a mix of renamed and revamped version of 7 Dragons, but it does not take much difference than 7 Dragons is. The central gameplay of the game works like that of Travian and players build their own village or city, train troops, grow heroes and colonize other territories. The game includes 6 races, various buildings and dungeons.6 Unique Races to choose from ,Constantly evolving world to ,Fully customizable heroes to lead your troops ,Build up multiple cities to dominate your competition.

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Dragon Crusade

 Dragon Crusade Game
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Dragon Crusade Review Dragon Crusade is a free to play MMORTS game that you can play online. Not to confuse you with a terrible straight-to-DVD movie out last year called Dragon Crusaders. To play the Dragon Crusade the game, you must register with Aeria Games first. This is a quick and painless process and you can even use your own facebook account to register yourself even quicker. Once youíve made an Aeria Games account, you can play the game instantly because it is browser based. Once the game loads, you are to choose the type of class you want to be. There are six class types in all and include: Human, Forest Elf, Azraen, Dark Elf, Dwarf and Magi. Each class have their own strengths so choose the one that suits your gameplay needs most. Different classes donít affect the gameplay too much but itís always wise to think who to choose first before you play. Dragon Crusade offers a very helpful 8-step tutorial mode for beginners. Itís fairly basic to follow and most MMORTS veterans wonít have any problems getting to grips with the game. The gameís objectives are much like in most other RTS games as you have to manage your city and upgrade your buildings and collect a number of resources. The first number of quests in the game is fairly repetitive and it starts off at a very slow pace. Many of the quests involve you upgrading buildings and collecting resources. This should be nothing new for RTS fans but it would have been better if the game started off with something more interesting. Performance wise, Dragon Crusade takes a bit of time to load when compared to other browser based video games out there and you may experience a bit if lag too. This is quite odd considering the gameís graphics arenít really flash. Still, the graphics are bright and the gameís interface isnít cluttered and clunky like some RTS games can be like. Although I liked the graphics in Dragon Crusade, itís one of those games that lack any atmosphere. Iíve said it many times before but games really need some type of audio for them to be fun. Dragon Crusade lacks both sound effects and any background music which makes the game feel lifeless and dull at times. This is quite disappointing as the gameís artwork and graphics could have benefitted more with audio included. Dragon Crusade offers a lot of customization options for ďHeroĒ characters that other MMORTS games donít. ďHeroĒ characters add many advantages to the game. If you manage to recruit a rare Hero character from the tavern, the stronger the character will be. You can also equip weapons and armor to upgrade your Hero character that will benefit you in combat. Other features that Dragon Crusade includes are all things weíve all seen in lots of other MMORTS games before it. You can try and conquer other playerís cities via the gameís PvP mode and building your army is a slow process. Thatís not to say Dragon Crusade is not a fun game, but apart from the gameís ability for you to customize your Hero character, thereís no other unique features that this game offers that separate from the plethora of other free to play MMORTS games out there. Overall though, Dragon Crusade will please MMORTS fans in general as it offers hours of gameplay and is free to play. The interface is clean and the tutorial is helpful enough for beginners to learn the basics of how a MMORTS game plays like. Not to mention the presentation and graphics are quite impressive being that this is a browser based game. Dragon Crusade may not appeal to every gamer, but fans of strategy style video games will find hours of entertainment to be had here.

Dragon Crusade Gameplay Tutorial

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