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Managore The dark expanse awaits those who wish to do battle with others. Build your army, use decisive strategy and hone the skills of your hero to become the champion of all realms.Forge your kingdom by gathering resources and building structures to support your ever growing army. Managore offers players nineteen different buildings that can be constructed. There are also eighteen unique, upgradeable units that are at your disposal. The world of Managore is a dangerous place and it is wise to join guilds so that you will have aid if need be. You can join or create a guild with your friends or make friends in-game and create alliances that way.

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 Managore game
Play Managore Game! Managore Review

Managore is a free to play browser-based video game you can play online. It falls into the category as an MMORTS game. There are many free to play MMORTS games out there and a lot of them play exactly the same. Managore tries to shakes things up with the game’s PvP and Arena mode but ultimately, it too suffers from of the tired style of gameplay we’ve seen many times before.

A great thing to note about Managore is that its browser based so most people will be able to play the game hassle free. You can also log in and register using your own Facebook profile as well. This makes registration super fast and you don’t have to visit your email account to verify your details like in older free to play video games I’ve played over the last several months.

Before you start the game, you can choose which faction you want to be in. There’s a choice between the Orcs, Elves and the Undead. It’s worth noting that all of the classes a human-like as the Orcs and Undead characters don’t look as shockingly ugly as one might think. It’s interesting to note there are no human characters in this game either. All you have to do is choose a faction in Managore as you don’t have the option to customize your main character or anything like that.

Managore has some great artwork and presentation overall. The illustrations for each character are highly detailed. It’s something you will not see from most other MMORTS games as the PvP arena is unique to Managore. The game looks like a fighting game screen with two huge sprites each with a life bar. It’s your task to point and click on areas of the body you want to attack. This includes an enemy’s head, body or legs. 6 attacks can be made per round and fights continue until one person is fully defeated. Sometimes you have to wait for opponents to come as not many people are playing this game right now…

As much fun as I had with this game’s “Arena Mode”, the actual game itself takes a very long time to actually get started. Most of the quests I did involved me to upgrade the same buildings I constructed just a few minutes ago. I built a crypt, wood cutting area and a bunch of other buildings. Several other boring quests later, I had to upgrade these same buildings up to level 2, level 3 and so on. This type of “gameplay” got really boring very fast. Managore’s slow pace may not be for everyone’s taste judging from my own personal experience. You cannot even start a new task until each building has finished being constructed. This type of stuff is common with other RTS games, but Managore takes it into a whole other level.

Battles in this game differ from “Duels” that are settled inside the arena. Once you are finally able to train some units and train an army, you can send them to battle other Kingdoms that are on the map. Much like in other MMORTS games, you goal is to conquer as many Kingdoms as possible. Battles are not as fun as “Duels” as you don’t get to see any of your soldiers fight. All you see is a report card of all of the units you’ve sent and which one got defeated. For all you action junkies out there, the “Arena” is where all the action takes place.

Managore’s Arena mode is without a doubt the best feature of the entire game. It’s fun and quick to load plus it’s something I’ve never seen featured on most other RTS games I’ve played. Too bad the game has a very slow pace as lot of patience is required if you want to get the most out of Managore. Nevertheless, the game is free to play so there will be no harm in at least giving this game a go with you’re looking to play for a new RTS game.

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