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Maple Story

Maple Story MapleStory Review MapleStory is a 2D MMORPG video game that plays more like a traditional side scroller. The art style of the game is immaculate and best of all; the game is free to play. The only downside is that the game is very demanding on your computer. The game takes a long time to download as you will need to over 4GB of the game data on your hard drive and the game also needs to install all of the patches that have been released too. If your computer is powerful enough run it however, MapleStory offers you a gaming experience that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon. The online community for this game is overwhelming as over 70 million accounts for this game have already been created since the three or so years it has been released. It is arguably the most popular free to play video game on the planet and can quite possibly be one of the most played games on the planet right now because of its popularity. Iím not sure if this will happen with everyone but the game took several minutes to load up for me. This might be because of the gameís high end 2D graphics. The graphics look high definition and the attention to detail is phenomenal. The character models may look small and simplistic but the level design is complex and amazing to look at too. If you have a powerful computerand a high definition monitor, Maplestory will look even more outstanding. As always, you start off by having to create the appearance for your main character. It does not have a comprehensive creation mode like in other MMORPG games. There are only a few sets of hair and colors to choose from and thatís that. You cannot alter the skin color or clothing for your character. Once youíve settled with the look for your character, the game finally begins. If you like a game that thrusts you into the action immediately, youíre not going to like Maplestory very much. This is because Maplestory has a very long in-game cinematic that makes the player read a lot of text. The introduction to the game is lengthy as it tells you the entire back-story for your character. Itís pretty entertaining since itís rare to see a free to play video game feature a huge back-story. Still, most MMORPG games allow you to play almost instantaneously when you start so Maplestory might dissuade some gamers that want to see action as soon as possible... The game starts off as your character as a young kid. Your character is pretty shy and useless compared to all of the other kids. This is because your character cannot perform magic like the rest of them. After a few decades later, the character and his/her classmates become Knights. Your character is still pretty weak, but not as useless as before. The characterís life changes when a group of mysterious and evil priests try and steal a relic. Among the scuffle, your character gets knocked out and wakes up in the village. The citizens become shocked to know that the relic becomes a part of your character. The relic is a bracelet and it somehow comes to life and speaks with the character. The bracelet says your character now has the power to save the world and finally grants you the ability to conjure magic. When you use the braceletís power, your character changes clothes and can shoot out balls of magic that can attack enemies. This is when the game finally begins and it becomes and enjoyable experience from then on. The gameplay in Maplestory is addicting and very easy to master. It plays like a 2D side scrolling game but the level design isnít as simple as it sounds. There are multi-layered levels for you to explore and some doors will transport you to another area entirely. Not to mention you can crouch and jump by pressing on the down and up keys respectively. Your character can also climb on ropes and has cool magic powers too. One of my favorite moments in the game is using my characterís attacks. The character I chose to be was good at magic and all I had to do was press the ďcontrolĒ key multiple times. This in turn made my character shoot out fiery pink balls of death to her enemies. It was a very unique attack I have to say and itís something I hadnít seen very often in other MMORPG video games Iíve played in the last couple of months. The best part about MapleStory is that the game is always updating itself and keeping its content fresh. If you are bored with other games that have similar quest types and gameplay, MapleStory keeps things interesting as the developer is always adding something new for you to experience. This might be in the way of adding new character class types, levels or other modes for you to explore. All in all, the extreme popularity of the game means the developer is always constantly improving on the game. As fun as this game is, its presentation might be off-putting for some gamers. The small character models and ďkid-likeĒ approach might appear too babyish for some people. Although the gameplay is still addictive despite this and the music is one of the best Iíve heard from a free to play video game. Overall, the 70 million gamers or so who have played this game before donít lie. MapleStory is seriously one of the best ever free to play video games ever released. If you can bypass the childish presentation, the gameplay is fun and very addicting. Not to mention it has one of the most gorgeous 2D graphics Iíve seen in a long time. If you have 4GB spare on your computerís hard drive, do yourself a favour and experience this game for yourself today. If you are a video gamer, try not to miss out on playing MapleStory.

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Maple Story

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MapleStory, the ultimate FREE massively multiplayer online role-playing game.Maplestory is a fun 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG with cartoony graphics. The game is certainly one of the most popular free to play MMORPGs out there.

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