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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires Forge of Empires is a browser-based strategy game that lets you create your own city and accompany it from the beginning of the Stone Age onward throughout the centuries. Build structures typical of the epoch. Enlarge your sphere of influence through military campaigns and skillful dealings. Register now to play!

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Forge of Empires

 Forge of Empires Game
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Forge of Empires Review

Forge of Empires is a free to play MMORTS game that you can play online. It is browser based so you have the comfort of playing the game almost instantly just by loading up the game on your browser. Being that itís a strategy game, there are elements of Forge of Empires that will be familiar to most gamers who are fans of the RTS genre. Forge of Empires does add some unique features that separate it from most games however.

Unlike other free to play video games, you donít have to create a main character or anything like that at the start of the game. You are immediately thrust into the gameís tutorial as you are greeted by your tutor with the odd name of Ragu Silvertongue. Another humorous thing about this fellow is that he looks a bit like Sean Connery as wellÖ

Forge of Empires plays a lot like many other strategy games out there. Thereís still the tedious task of constructing buildings in your village and recruiting and training soldiers to be a part of your army. This is expected since most games from the RTS genre are played in this fashion. One thing I really disliked about this game is that buildings cannot be constructed unless you built a road for workers to travel on first. This may sound realistic, but itís a chore to do as most RTS games donít bother with roads in your own village.

Forge of Empiresí main premise is simple and that is to become more powerful as you try and conquer all the lands that surround you. This is pretty much the aim of most other RTS games and itís no different here. Some people may be disappointed that thereís no underlying storyline involved in this game, although most free to play video games lack a story to begin with anyway.

To my surprise, I actually became quite addicted to Forge of Empiresí gameplay as the user interface is friendly and I rarely got to a point when I didnít know what to do next in the game. Some other RTS games can be painstakingly annoying because they literally leave you out on your own after the tutorial is finished. This isnít the case in Forge of Empires as the gameís quests are easily laid out for you and explained to you clearly.

Some of the tasks that you have to undertake in Forge of Empires can get a tad tedious and repetitive. Some of the buildings and materials you have to build take time and you may need to wait 5 minutes or more before you can do anything else. Any new areas of the land you want to conquer have to be ďscoutedĒ first before you can go there. This usually takes 7 minutes each timeÖ

The combat system in Forge of Empires is my favorite feature of the entire game. It plays much like a traditional turn-based style RPG game where each unit takes turns travelling on a grid before you can start killing one another. Although the only thing you can do is point and click to where your soldiers want to go. There are no special attacks or combos you can get to do in this game. You can even be super lazy and let the A.I. control all of the units for you instead. The combat is quite fun overall and much better than in most other RTS games Iíve encountered over the past couple of months.

PvP combat is also available in this game. There are neighboring players around that you can both attack or make friends with. You can choose to attack other players, although you go up against an A.I. opponent in lieu of the actual player themselves. This may seem a bit unfair since the A.I usually knows what it is doing! You can also be friendly to other players and donate gold to them if you want to make some new allies.

The production values in Forge of Empires are really high and are of great quality. The 3D graphics of the environments look realistic although the small sprites during battles scenes are simplistic. Thankfully, Forge of Empires includes sound effects and appropriate background music as well. This is unlike other RTS games where you play in absolute silence all of the time.

Forge of Empires is a highly accessible and fun MMORTS game. Some parts of the game may seem to be time consuming, but the gameís tutorial and interface is really helpful that even beginners will be able to learn all of the gameís mechanic and controls fairly easily. Not to mention it has decent graphics and a really enjoyable combat system. This is one free to play video game that RTS fans shouldnít miss out on.

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