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Skylancer As the ruler of a flying island, the player enters the race to reach the moon. Artifacts of a legendary race lie buried on the gleaming blue orb, promising to provide the player's faction with a decisive advantage in the battle for the world Horizon. Until construction of the tower to the moon is completed, the player will experience countless adventures at lofty heights over amazing continents, and enter into competition with the other factions. Build up a flying island: Players secure their supply of raw materials, improve their economy, and unlock incrasingly powerful units by constructing a multitude of buildings which can be upgraded several times over. Captivating Quests: The extraordinary game world, which can be rotated in every direction, holds exciting adventures in store. Those who prevail will not only find glory, but also valuable items and building materials for their moon tower. Challenging PvE and PvP fights: Before winning the race to the moon, the player must rule the continents! This can only be done by relieving the indigenous creatures of Horizons of their resources and weapons, and chasing other players off the land masses with the help of the player's own faction. With a diversity of gameplay elements and opportunities for creating strategies, Skylancer - Battle for Horizon provides a complex and gripping experience which is easily accessible to casual gamers as well, not least thanks to the intuitive gameplay principle and a detailed tutorial.

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