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Memory Days Sim Date

Memory Days Sim Date A dating simulation for girls with an interactive story and 10 different endings.Memory Days Sim Date s game play is a bit different from my other dating simulations. 3 datable guys, a butt load of cut scenes, and 10 different endings. some endings are a bit trickier to get than others, some endings are pretty bizarre too. If you are really new to this sorts of games, it is recommend to go through the overview at the beginning. Characters Ai renamable: You, the player character. Overall she is reserved and a bit introverted which causes her to be awkward sometimes. Spends a lot of time thinking and is more perceptive than most people. Haru: Takes social discomfort to a new level. The player character doesnt seem awkward at all when compared to him. His personality is deep and hes the most sensitive and romantic guy out of the bunch. Daichi: Outgoing, fun, and kind of a dork. Hes honest and humble which make him easy to talk to. Though he seems to be all smiles, there are times when hell takes things pretty seriously. Kai: A very compassionate and kind person. Tends to be more frisky and daring when hes around people he cares for. Occasionally hell be too forward and drive people away from him.

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Memory Days Sim Date

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