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Gronenland Immerse yourself into the world of Vikings. A world full of myths, legends and mysterious forces. Rise up to be an honoured warrior and become the most powerfull viking. Earn gold by honest work or completing quests to buy better equipment for combat. Travel to unkown viking villages and fight against other warriors for power and honor on the local battlegrounds. Train your strength to strike even harder with your weapon, or increase your dexterity to make your blows more accurate? How you equip and skill your character, it is your choice.

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 Gronenlan Game

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Grone country is a Viking Browser Game, one of the medieval games. Midgard, the world, who created the gods, is in ruins. The gods have moved back and wait for a hero is that ends the war and the competing nations back together. Can you be the strongest and the Viking hero, the Midgard built? The strategy role-playing game has no end, you can play as long as you want, reach higher levels and provide you better. First you choose you from its own character. Here you can decide whether you want to earn gold through work, and only by certain skills you can carry special weapons, or gold you acquire by fulfilling various jobs. Equipped with enough gold, you make up for the ride. There you will have different quests and fighting contest. The higher your level is, the more experience points and gold you get in this middle age online game. The strategy role-playing game in which you decide what strategy you choose, how you make your character skills and gain much experience as you want. Weapons and equipment you can not, as is common with other online browser games, now just like that, but need to be enabled. Special attacks have to be learned from this Viking Game Browser only. Later, it is also possible to take, magical artifacts.

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