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Legends of Xian

Legends of Xian Legends of Xian online is a free browser mmorpg, which was originally released under the name of Ming Dynasty, which turns out to be a failure due to games culture limitation, improper management and limited investment in several ways like advertising, human resources and even the truth is they are short of industry experience.

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Legends of Xian

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Review from our gamers

Legends of Xian, at first glance has all the ingredients for a great game. It Promises epic battles, clan warfare, boss battles and even the chance to build an empire. The problem is that the free-to-play browser-based MMORPG, seemingly based during the Ming Dynasty falls just short on delivery. The game right from the beginning is too cluttered for its own good. There are menus everywhere, Award messages at the top of the screen flashing constantly and the chat box on the left of the screen is far too big. There is not much of a tutorial, only constant dialogue during quests that can be annoying but is essential as it tells you what to do and how to do it. The game revolves around you building up an empire, by recruiting soldiers and heroes that will hopefully win battles for you. This idea I rather like, it reminds me of Lords of the Realm. You recruit soldiers to take up arms whilst collecting the necessary wood, iron and coin from your population that itís going to take to build your empire. The battles are a problem. Instead of an RTS style or even a click and slash style, you are simply left helpless as your army moves gradually closer to the enemy before routinely going through some sort of passive animation. It gives no satisfaction seeing perfect victory on the screen as you simply sit and watch. As a whole, it is a nice idea but it fails simply due to the fact of it being a browser-game. It is, in my opinion, an over ambitious project that if had a more simplified economy and a battle system that allowed you to move your troops, like an RTS, would be closer to where they are aiming to be. Legends of Xian is not a bad game, but it will suit the player that prefers the building side of things rather than the fighting part. There is a lot of over complicated aspects of the game that dont really belong in the browser format.

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4 April 2014BlackViolet

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