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Dino Storm

Dino Storm Enjoying a Unique Journey With Dino Storm A unique combination of Wild West and Jurassic world are being set up as the concept of Splistcreen Studios latest outing, Dino Storm. The browser based MMO game take gamers into an interesting fantasy world where human and dinosaurs somehow co-exist, teaming up for a once in a lifetime adventure in finding fortune along with saving life. In Dino Storm you will act as a ranger, who is looking for a change of fortune at the city of Dino Ville, which has suddenly transformed from normal, quite town into hectic crowded place, due to the discovering of gold in that area. When stories of that gold deposits spreads, not only prospectors who starts to set their foot at the town but also bands of thieves, who are creating fears among the local towns people. As a ranger, players mission isnt just about taking care of the towns villains but theres plenty other quests such as driving off a pack of dinosaurs, hunt for fossils, gather foods and many more. However, the most interesting objective in playing this game should be getting the role as the towns sheriff, which will give you an access of rare dinos and having your own office. Aesthetically, Dino Storm possessed such a unique look which is not surprising considering the bizarre theme that the game used. The 3D environment is being visualize pretty well, providing a catchy graphical look for gamers and should be considered as one of the strong point from this browser based outing. Although the game is graphically pretty neat, but the lack of dynamism in some areas, themes might be noticeable, but it might not still match the user interface, which can really be disturbing at times. Dino Storm have an interesting and simple game play, especially the combat system where to kill the enemies, you only need to pick a target and it automatically blow your laser towards them. With the premise of being the towns sheriff, you will be dealing with a hunting-gathering concept in most of the quests. The PVP system can always be an interesting element for some, as unlike some other browser based MMO, Dino Storm doesnt have that common single-structured system. Basically, Dino Storm can be considered as an appealing game, although the fact that players might be more interested in finishing things on their own instead of getting into PVP mode, it doesnt take away all the fun from the game. This latest work from Splitscreen Studio offers such a unique theme that would attract gamers attention, although its longevity might still raise some questions but considering the free to play game is easy to access, Dino Storm is worth a shot, especially for those eyeing to taste a new MMO theme.

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Dino Storm

 Dino Storm Game
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Unique action MMO game with fight elements and 3D environment, a fresh and unique setting and a game design for long term monetization. As a brave ranger, you are heading for Dino Ville, where rich veins of gold have been discovered. With just a few bucks in your pocket, a little ammunition, loaded laser gun, and your small dinosaur, you make your way to the once quiet cowboy town. Face gigantic herds of dinosaurs and merciless robber bands and start your thrilling search for valuable items. Set up supply camps, outposts, and goldmines, defend them against other player, and earn fame and respect. Only the best will manage to be qualified as a mighty sheriff . Possitive feathures: Fame and fortune await brave adventurers in this free 3D multiplayer game. Free to play. Unique 3D environment . Fresh and unique setting :Dinosaurs. Cowboys. And Laser Guns. Long term game play through focus on endgame. Hundreds of quests, items and buildings. Innovative fame system.

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