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Knight Online

Knight Online Knight online offers players a large world and a large player base in which to form alliances and engage in a story-driven world run by humans and orcs, even if that world is somewhat dated. There is a lot of competition in the MMOs, particularly with the fantasy genre. The graphics are very dated and brings nothing special. That doesnt take away from the animations though as battle is quick and smooth. Characters could look better, but again theyre passable. The world within the game is large, so large in fact that its very easy to get lost. If youre not sure where youre meant to be headed it can get rather confusing, with maps generally not being of great help. That being said, it is always easy to get back to town and to safety - provided you have more than half your health. With a click of a button you instantly teleport back to town and can, if need be, gain your bearings. The cursor can be rather distracting; it does a somewhat annoying animation whenever you click for your character to move. Depending on the position of your cursor on the screen, instead of jumping, pressing the spacebar will either make your character kick or stomp. Its odd, but you will be hard pressed to find another game that has that. The toolbar is at first annoying as you find it haphazardly placed in the middle of the screen, but once you work it out you can easily add and delete toolbars at your pleasure. NPCs are found easily in town by using the map, although you will have to hover over each icon as they all share the same symbol and its impossible to tell one from another without doing so. When talking to a quest giver you are often presented with an overlay picture of the person youre talking to. Its a nice touch and helps add a personal touch to the quest. The game offers the same classes as you would expect. There is the warrior, magician, priest and rogue. Each brings their own unique skills and offers you a diverse way of playing. Instead of skills you are given stat points, in which you can add to your power, strength, agility, intelligence or magic as you see fit. If you go wrong you can choose to re-distribute the stat points by visiting a Grand Merchant. Knight Online is not a game that you should hope to be visually impressed by, because you wont be. It should be a game that you go into wanting to find an engaging world in which you can quest and battle in the name of titles and glory, and if thats the case then you wont be disappointed.

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Knight Online

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Knight Online is the one of the most successful Massive Multiplayer Online games in Korea and Europe, this game was open on September the 18th 2012 and time shell tell if this game will grow as a powerful epic PVP environment war mmorpg game.This game is client download version.Daily PVP events open to players of all level and race

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19 October 2012johnmarc

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