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Infectonator 2

Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2, for a flash game has a quite detailed tutorial and yet tells you everything you need to know in a matter of seconds. It walks you through the process of summoning zombies, to moving your mouse near a coin to pick it up. After that you are straight into the game. You have to try and infect as many people as you can by spreading a virus. My first objective was in Beijing and I had to infect five people. Choosing a person with your mouse, they then attempt to infect others before they decompose or are killed. The people move around rather quickly so you have to choose the right moment to infect the right person. I suggest waiting for the people to cluster together, preferably in the corner of the screen before clicking on someone, because it all happens really fast. The zombies dont last long before dropping dead, and when you do infect someone the coins can go all over the screen and you may miss one or two. After an objective you can go into the laboratory and spend the coins you got. These include items, special zombies and upgrades for your zombies. After the first mission it was immediately apparent to me that making my zombies faster was going to be important. I also improved their lifespan because they decompose quickly. It paid off and I sailed through the next objective. After the first couple of objectives you start to get police mixed in and they shoot your zombies as they attack. You will want to purchase a few grenades, which you can use by pressing the number 2 key and click where you want it thrown, to deal with them. However, if you can manage it try and save your grenades because very quickly upgrading your zombies becomes very expensive. I suggest, even if you complete an objective, to replay it a few times because the coins you collect stacks after each attempt. Special zombies will play a leading role for you as you try and collect more coins. You can purchase a mob of three zombies which you can instantly spawn anywhere on the level. Use your virus to attack one side of the screen and use your special zombies to attack another side to see best results. You will also need support items, particularly the canister bomb as this drops from the sky and instantly turns those it hits into zombies, excellent for large levels and groups of police. After a while the levels become bigger, the number of people you need to kill grows higher and you start to get more police and more soldiers. It becomes imperative to replay objective after objective to build your coin count so that you can afford the upgrades you need. This is a highly addictive game and I found it hard to stop playing. I highly recommend purchasing and upgrading your special zombies as quickly as possible as these prove invaluable on bigger levels. You will need to upgrade your zombie speed and when you begin to come across the army you will need lots of damage resistance.

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Infectonator 2

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