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The Second Reproduction

The Second Reproduction Christina was born as a the third princess of Armenian, raised in the era of war against the Demons. Having the status of a Champion, Christina had countless battle victories upon her shoulders and was feared by the Demon race. Being the most successful of her three sisters, her mother the queen sent her on a secret mission to assassinate the Demon Lord Gardis in return for his ruthless annihilation of the Kingdom of Crofts. Obeying her mothers orders for the sake of her kingdom, Christina set out alongside with her most loyal knight Lezette to take the Devil Lords head, and to bring peace to homeland.

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The Second Reproduction

 The Second Reproduction
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Going Demon Hunting With The Second Reproduction

When hearing The Second Reproduction, one might get mislead in thinking that it is some sort of medical related stuffs, but instead it turned out to be an Otome game developed by Heterodoxy. For those who is still unfamiliar with Otome, it's a game that mainly targeted towards female markets, with the genre mainly being a simulation game or graphic novel sort of style. That's pretty much what you will be getting from Second Reproduction as it will carry you into that sort of adventurous love story tale.

The Second Reproduction tells the story of Christina, a princess of Almenan kingdom, who was born in chaotic era of war between human and demons. Raised as a demon slayer, Christina earned the title of 'Champion' due to her success in earning countless victories upon battles against those evil ones. That success eventually led the princess into a secret mission,ordered by her mother, to murder the Demon Lord, Gardis. Accompanied by his loyal knight servant, Lazzette, off she goes into an adventure that could change all of her perception and future.

In this game, you will be given the opportunity to choose between two main routes, which are Gardis and Lezzette. Both of those routes will lead you into have two endings (good and bad) aside from that there's another addition ending for extra character, Jin. Basically, all of your answers and actions will be the key that triggered in acquiring one of those many finale. So, if you already set your eye in choosing one of those routes, try to save your progress as often as possible.

Just like many simulation RPG style game, in Second Reproduction you won't be doing much aside from clicking things to commit certain actions and just follow the conversational storyline. Added with animated CG, the thrill of your actions will be felt when things lead to that short animation you've been waiting for.

Graphic display for the game's art or CG is pretty good, since that's one of the main selling point from this type of game. The character designs and background all well crafted, added with nice music along with some voice acting, at times gamers may feel they're watching a nicely displayed anime. Although there aren't many characters being displayed in the game it's still acceptable enough since it suits well with the storyline.

Although this game is not actually made for 18 plus players, but since it is a love simulation type thing, Second Reproduction would be best suited for teenage gamers (mainly girls) due to some romantic content in store. Obviously, since it's a girl based outing, male gamers might not get into it that much, still if any of you boys just eager to things out, there's no harm in it.

For its genre, Second Reproduction can be considered as a highly recommended outing for interested gamers, but some unclear and confusing lines from the dialogues might turn off some players. However, the interesting storyline which not only steered things on romance but also about life values is a major selling point that could attract gamers or even anime lovers in trying it out. In addition, the fact that it doesn't take a lot of time in finishing makes this latest work from Heterodoxy is a worthwhile stuff indeed.

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18 January 2013musicfreaksimgirl
how do you download this game???? Hmm...
24 October 2012Knights_Angel
It looked and sounded really fun. has anyone acually downloaded it and if so, which one did you use to actually play its?
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