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Cafe Rouge 2

Cafe Rouge 2 Visual novel and cooking game. Chapter 2 of Cafe Rouge. 3 passwords to be found in Chapter Two but make sure to write down your password for next chapter.This café is not a regular café, this café includes vampires, blood and more.It takes time to load, so please be a little patient.

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Cafe Rouge 2

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16 October 2016willnesshot
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12 May 2015HarikuUsami34$$$
Just looked up elsewhere and found out the routes are different for each episode of the game series 1-7.  Also found a link for the passwords for the game:
12 May 2015HarikuUsami34$$$
I know how to get to cafe. When you get to be infront of the school, you turn right then click up arrow, and up arrow again. That how you get there from the beginning of the game anyway. Hope that helps.  Wave
4 May 2015TaylorSempaiix3
I'm so lost on how get to the café x-x
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