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The Last Stand Dead Zone

The Last Stand Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone is a zombie-survival game based on Facebook, and surprisingly pulls off the genre quite well. Once you have chosen the way your character looks, from the few choices you actually have, you are placed inside your compound and thrust into the action via the tutorial. The tutorial is not that long and it does a good job of getting you up to speed with everything really quickly. One you have been through the tutorial your compound will have pretty much everything it needs including a barrier to help against attacks Ė which can only be good. The aim of the game, as you would expect, is survival. Right from the beginning you will need to go out and search for food and water, making sure that your party is equipped to with weapons to deal with any zombies that they come across. When you are on these missions, you really do get good control over your party members. They will automatically begin attacking nearby zombies, but if you want to you can easily have more control over them. Movement is easy; a simple left-click of the mouse will move the chosen party member to a destination. Keeping the left mouse button down will enable you to move the screen, so that you are able to see different areas. At first it can be a little difficult, but once you get the hang of it you will find it incredibly easy. As you progress, more survivors will come to your compound. As they arrive it is advisable to immediately give them a task, these include Engineer, Recon, Scavenger, Leader, Fighter and Medic. All of these will be important as the game progresses. There is a really good balance between doing missions to keep your supplies up and building and improving your compound. You can build and upgrade as your resources allow and is a nice touch, as you really do get to make your own impression and make it look how you like. If you donít like the placement of that workbench, you can simply move it to another area. The first six days of you beginning the game, your compound is safe from attacks from other players which allows you to set some sort of defences up in preparation. After those six days, you will be available to be attacked which brings another dimension to the game. The graphics are generally dark and somewhat oppressive, which only helps to build the overall sense of its zombie-apocalyptic setting. The gameplay is fluid, and you will find the missions fast and challenging. You will struggle to find a better Facebook game than The Last Stand: Dead Zone. I really like the whole idea of it and I think it pulls it off very well, and you get the sense that if there ever was a zombie-apocalypse, The Last Stand: Dead Zone will be a good game to play to get an idea of how to survive.

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The Last Stand Dead Zone

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