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Marvel Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance Marvel Avengers Alliance Review Marvels The Avengers has become a household name thanks to Joss Whedons excellent film adaptation that was released earlier this year. With the enormous success of the movie, people who werent comic book fans are now starting to realize how cool superheroes are. For those of us who are already comic book fans, the recent popularity means there will be more movies made and also video games as well. Sadly, no actual retail video game was released to coincide with the movie version of The Avengers. THQs studio in Australia was in the middle of developing a FPS-style game, but THQ was losing money so it closed the studio and the game was eventually cancelled. It looked promising though with the small piece of beta gameplay footage that was leaked on Youtube a few months ago. As a result of this, gamers had to look for alternatives to play video game adaptations of The Avengers. Forgetting the imbecile looking Avenger games being released on the iPhone/iPad and the Kinect and Wii U, there are some pretty decent free to play games that Marvel has licensed. One of them is a browser based game called Marvel Avengers Alliance. Marvel Avengers Alliance is a MMORPG video game featuring a whole cast of Marvel comic book heroes and villains. The game has an impressive list that goes beyond the few characters that have been featured in the movies. If you are a hardcore Marvel comic book fan, you will be able to name some of the more obscure characters that are featured here. You start off needing to create an agent from S.H.I.E.L.D that has been handpicked by Nick Fury himself. Theres the option of being both a female and male agent and they both wear the iconic S.H.I.E.L.D style of uniform. The customization options are pretty limited, although you can alter their hairstyle and their face but thats about it. I wasnt feeling very creative and ended up creating a female that closely resembled Maria Hill. From there, Nick Fury assigns you onto your first mission and its all business from there. One thing I loved about Marvel Avengers Alliance is its slick presentation and striking visuals. This game is inspired by both the Marvel films and comic book so fans of both will be happy with the overall character design in this game. Nick Fury looks exactly like Samuel L Jackson and Iron Man/Tony Stark looks like Robert Downey Jr. On the other hand, other characters like Hawkeye and Thor resemble more their comic book counterparts instead. Its a great mix, and Im sure fans of the comics and movies will both have their personal preferences for the appearances for each character. At its very core, Marvel Avengers Alliance is a turn based RPG video game. This is not a 2D side scrolling action game like those that were prevalent in the early 90s. Combat is more strategic and any person that has played the older Final Fantasy video games will be familiar to the combat system present in Marvel Avengers Alliance. This is because enemies and your own team have strengths and weaknesses that they can exploit. Some enemy soldiers might be weak because they are wearing flammable clothing. This is where you can use someone like Iron Man or the Human Torch will come in handy. Marvel Avengers Alliance features gameplay that makes you think and is not just a simple button mashing game that some 2D free to play video games normally turn out to be. You will have to make sure your characters are healthy as enemies can poison you and will strategically exploit any of the weaker members of your three man team. Not only is the combat in Marvel Avengers Alliance deep, but there is a ton of customization options that are open to you when you level up your characters. The more you use a certain character, the more skills, abilities and weapons they will unlock. If you want to make a strong team, its best to assign characters that are different class types. The best thing about the combat in Marvel Avengers Alliance is that you are able to team up with and recruit most of your favourite Marvel comic book superheroes. All gamers will start off teaming up with core members of The Avengers such as Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye. As you progress further into the game, there are more than 40 other Marvel heroes you can recruit on your team and all of them have access to different powers and abilities. Some of the other characters that are included in the game are the likes of X-Men such as Wolverine and Cyclops. Unlike in The Avengers movie, you can even enlist the ever popular Spider-Man on your team too! There are also a host of familiar villains that you have to face that serve as the games tough bosses. The game several chapters and there are 5 missions in each of them that comprise of henchman, mini-bosses and then a final boss. Some of the villains you get to meet and defeat include Mystique, Magneto and even Loki just to name a few. Its an extensive list of characters that only a game like this can assemble since you are unlikely to see all of these characters appear all in one movie. Speaking of the impressive character list, even more characters are to be added into the game. Marvel announced at Comic Con earlier this year that 15 more heroes will be added. If you are a fan of X-23, Moon Knight, Cable and Beast than you will be happy to know you will be able to play as them very soon. Basically, Marvel Avengers Alliance plays like a series of turn based RPG battles with the AI. Theres no exploration of levels that you can do in other RPG games, although a game like this doesnt need it because most of the action takes place in New York City anyway. Unlike most other free to play video games, theres a compelling story to follow in this game. Its pretty much that the Marvel villains are wrecking havoc all over New York City so its up to Nick Fury and the rest of the super heroes to interfere with their plans and try to save the city. Theres quite a few dialogue to read here for those that want to be totally invested in the story. The only downside is that this game lacks any voice overs so you wont be hearing any of the characters speaking. If youre feeling like a change of pace, you can also face other players in the games PvP arena. Obviously, playing against other players is much more difficult than playing against the AI, but its a rewarding experience. The Marvel Avengers Alliance community is also friendly too and not as immature as other players Ive encountered in other video games Ive played. Many players will request to be your friend and will even offer you gifts from time to time. As much content as this game already packs, there are even extra missions for you to undertake if you purchase a premium account. This means you will have to spend your own real money to play these extra missions though. You can also purchase stronger items from the store such as weapons and other things too. This might mean a bit of a though for some players because not all of them would have paid for a premium account. Another thing I forgot to mention about this game is that it is browser based so anybody with an internet connection can easily play this game. You can also play the game via Facebook if you can find it. The game loads up pretty quickly and I did not experience any technical issues while playing this game either. Marvel Avengers Alliance is without a doubt one of the best free to play MMORPG games I have ever played. The action starts off almost immediately and the gameplay is neither too hard nor too easy. The plethora of characters that are included in this game is astounding and fans of the Marvel comics will love the overall character design and presentation this game has. Thanks to the popularity of The Avengers movie, you can be sure that Marvel will continue supporting this game. This is a bonus for us gamers because this will mean more missions and more characters will be added in the near future. Even if youre not a Marvel fan, give this game a try as it offers hours of fun that only a few free to play video games can provide.

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