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C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal

C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal C9 Review C9 is a free to play MMORPG video game. Its full name is Continent of the Ninth, although most people refer the game to just calling it C9 because its shorter and much easier to remember. Its not a browser based video game so you will need to check the specifications of your PC first before you start downloading the game. It requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM and at least around 5GB of data to download. It starts off needing for you to create your own character much like with every other MMORPG video game. Initially there are four classes for you to choose from that include a Fighter, Hunter, Shaman and Witchblade. Each class corresponds to different genders so if you want to be a male or female, make sure you pick the correct class first. Graphically, C9 includes impressive graphics and the character models are highly detailed compared to those seen in other MMORPG video games. You can alter the skin color, shape of their eyes, and other options. Even though the characters are all human, you can customize them a lot to make them appear more alien-like. Once you have finalized the look for your character, you can enter the world of C9 and see all of its glory. The great thing about C9 is that its controls are fluid and you dont feel restricted as you normally do when playing MMORPG video games. You can control your character using the WASD buttons on your keyboard and also move the camera around with your mouse. You can sprint in this game or execute a roll to dodge incoming attacks. This isnt your usual point and click type of gameplay that is often used in most other MMORPG games. The game plays more like a console action game, which is the style I prefer most. Combat in C9 is smooth, fast, fluid and very exciting. Again, this is all thanks to C9s controls and overall gameplay mechanics. Old fashioned MMORPG games can get a little boring as the combat just involves you clicking on an enemy and your character will just automatically start hacking with a limited amount of animations. In C9, you will control your characters movements on the keyboard and click the mouse buttons to execute a number of cool looking combos. The left mouse button controls your primary attacks while the right mouse button controls your secondary attacks. On top of all this, you also have other skills you can execute too which control some of your magic attacks. Overall, I found the combat in C9 to be fresh, exciting, lightning fast and unpredictable. If youve played other modern MMORPG games such as Vindictus, youll love the combat that is on offer here in C9. I never really liked the clunky combat physics that are often used in older MMORPG games, so if youre looking to play something more fast-paced and exciting, than C9 is the game for you to play. Graphically, C9 is stunning as the environments are well detailed and even characters special techniques are animated well also. My character threw cool looking ice balls onto enemies while other characters can throw fire. All in all, the visuals are nice and colourful here in C9 and the game is one of the best looking free to play titles out there. Quite an achievement considering how expansive the game world is in C9 as the maps are huge! It wouldnt be a MMORPG video game without PvP and this is certainly included here in C9. Thanks to C9s awesome controls and combat physics, PvP battles are certainly more enjoyable since there is a lot of skill that is required to win battles in this game. The arena battles are quite large and you can run around and strike your opponent from any angle. Some class types are faster and more agile than others so it pays to choose a class wisely before you start the game if you want to become good at it. PvP battles are quite epic on their own right and are highly entertaining to engage in if youre playing against someone of the same skill level as yourself. C9 is an MMORPG game that takes the genre onto new and exciting heights. This is mainly because its combat system is fast paced and plays more like an action game that anything else. The PvP battles benefit greatly because of this. The production values in C9 are of a high quality also with a great soundtrack, sound effects and detailed graphics to go along with it. If your computer is able to run C9, dont hesitate to download this game now. Its a fun experience that shouldnt disappoint any fan of the MMORPG genre or any gamer for that matter.

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C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal

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