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Big Farm

Big Farm Enjoying Interactive Farming Experience With Big Farm Since the invasion of Harvest Moon few years back, farm-simulation game continue to attract many developers in creating new titles and another interesting outing titled Big Farm has been released by Goodgame Studio.

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Big Farm

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Big Farm Game Review

Just as many other games with similar genre, Big Farm, gives players the opportunity to feel that farming experience such as harvesting corps, taking care of cattle, building barn, up to expending farm and become a successful farmer.

Starting this flash type game, you will be given simple how to guide that will help you understand the game play, which although isnt that much different from other farm based outings, but still have different style. Earlier on, players will be given simple tasks that can provide them the needed knowledge over all of the game menus, buttons, things that gamers should do in order to keep their farm growing.

Each time after finishing the task give, players will receive rewards such as in game money and also experience points for leveling up. The money you received can be used to purchase several needed stuffs for your farms, such as crops, building facilities, decorations, houses or even hiring staffs for helping your daily work in the farm. In the beginning, gamers dont really need to hire new staffs as just yet, since the game already provided players with free workers.

Big Farm have many interesting interaction as not only revolving around simple farming activities, in the game gamers are being given an economic point of view of becoming a farmer. The farming management menu allowed gamers to sell their farming products and earn cash from their daily hard work. However, you should also manage the amount of stuffs youre selling, since some of the products are needed to develop other things in the farm.

The game play is very simple, as just like other farming games, all that players should do is just clicking their mouse to activate all the available menus. Theres not much confusion in playing it as the menu is easy to navigate and gamers can even re-arrange their farm construction with the rotation or move tools. This variety of elements provided, increase the fun level of Big Farm, compared to some other titles. Players will also be able to use couple of interesting multiplayer features after reaching certain level, so things continue to get interesting each time you level up. Obviously, patience is needed in playing this type of game, especially for those who arent keen on using hard cash to speed things up. The waiting time for Big Farm is not only revolves around the tasks, but also in gaining experience points.

Overall, Big Farm is very fun and addictive especially for those familiar with this genre. With a soft, quality graphic, gamers wont have an issue in spending hours to play Big Farm. Although impatient players might lose interest as they go further into the game, but the variety interaction could make up for it.

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