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Wartune Experience A Mixture of Everything With Wartune game: Chinese game developers continue to flood MMO world with latest outings and one of the latest that might attract many gamers is Wartune, which is crafted by 7Road and published via R2Games. Wartune is a mixture of several genres as it mashed up RPG style game, strategic city building, crafting/farming and also dungeon battles quest. Those entire elements being mixed in a classic role playing storyline about good against evil in a Wartune.

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Wartune game review

In this 2D Browser-based fantasy tale, you will be playing as a hero, who is being expected to fight off enemies, build your city, expanding and protecting it from massive danger lurking around, but don't forger to raise strong armies that will aid your fight against evil mission. Starting the game, gamers will be given option to create and chose their preferred character from three different classless, which are Knight, Mages along with an Archer.

Although being set up as a 2D outing, Wartune graphic can be considered pretty neat with a fine background detail and pleasant looking characters design, which will mostly attract gamers in first viewing. Classic RPG gamers might find it very eye catching as the world pretty much reminded of the days where this type of genre starts to poison many players in playing it via game consoles. Basically, even without following the 3D trends, this outing is more than enjoyable for your eye sight, especially with the vivid visual effects.

Just as it was revealed earlier, Wartune combines basic RPG genre with several other stuffs, mainly city building style, so players must embark on quite a lot of duties. Aside from getting involved in battles, combats to finish off several quests, players must also set up their city and do some basic building stuffs. This combination is one of the strong point from the game as gamers won't be bored while waiting for their building process to be done, since they can do other things as well during that time.

The gameplay of the 2D Browser based outing is not pretty difficult as it's basically a straightforward one, allowing gamers not to get involved much in details. During battles, you will be introduced with a Quick Time Event (QTE) combat system, which allows gamers to add some special moves right after choosing your action in battles. Basically, after players decided their move, they can stroke some keys that will boost your attack. However, gamers still only need to click things out in choosing their first move.

Farming system is also a very interesting aspect from the game as it can help your city building quest, aside from committing designated dungeons quest . After gamers reached level 11, they can already unlock this farm system and start growing crops that are essential in maintaining the military spending. Some of the important resources that gamers can pick up from their farm include the likes of XP, Gold, Daru and Kyanite.

As for the online interaction, Wartune provide several interesting stuffs which makes it interesting, such as doing individual PvP battles or embarking in group battles to challenge others. Not only that, the game also allowed gamers to interact during farming, where gamers can access their friend's farm and help them out in finishing their duties.

Overall, this game is pretty interesting outing for RPG enthusiast or even city building lovers, as they can experience such a joyful time in fulfilling such a creative mixture of genres. However, the lack of classes, rather too straightforward gameplay could really disturb some gamers who is keen for something more. Still, Wartune is something worth trying out for those eager to find out how would a mash of genres being mixed into a role playing game.

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