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Legend of the Void 2

Legend of the Void 2 Review Legend of the Void 2 is a free to play browser based RPG game that old-school gamers will love. The game plays much like a traditional dungeon crawler type of game where you will go around killing a lot of demons and other bad guys. What Armor Games has created is a fun RPG experience that is very accessible and easy enough for any gamer to get in to. As aforementioned, the game is browser based and it loads pretty fast. You dont need to have a powerful beast of a computer to play this game so this will come as great news for people they may still own a less than powerful computer or laptop. All you need to do is create an account if you wish to save and load your game. Much like many other RPG games before it, you start off creating your own character. You will have to choose the class you want to be first. There are three basic class types in Legend of the Void 2 that includes a Mage, Warrior and Rogue. Warriors love swords while Mages specialize in magic. As for Rogues, they prefer smaller weapons such as daggers and bows. Once you have chosen your favourite class type, youre then off to customize the look of your character. For a flash based game, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of customization options that are available here in this game. You can choose to be either a male or female character plus you have the option to change a lot of their facial features too. This includes the shape and color of their hair, skin color, nose, mouth and other extras. Sadly, you cannot alter their body type and only humans are playable in this game. If youre feeling extra lazy, you can even just make the game automatically generate a character for you. Once you have finally found an appearance for your character, the game shows a brief cutscene explaining the story to you. Its pretty much about an evil Mage that wrecks havoc over the lands of Calderia leaving it in chaos. Its up to you to save Calderia and get rid of all of the undead characters that now roam free. Unlike with most games, Legend of the Void 2 does not start off with a long tutorial that you have to follow. Instead, the game includes pop-ups for you to click on and you learn how to play the game as you go on. Its quite a useful way to familiarise with the game instead of feeding you a ton of information like other games do with their tutorials. The game literally begins in an exciting way as it starts off teaching you the basics of combat. Your first opponent is an evil huge knight that wields a huge sword. The combat is easy to master as it is the turn based system that is used in most other traditional RPG games. This is the system where you have to take turns attacking the enemy and you will have to strategize and use the right attacks at the correct moments in each battle. The combat is quite enjoyable as all of the command buttons are helpfully located at the bottom of the screen. All of the characters have one traditional attack plus other skills that require magic points. The magic point attacks are more powerful; although you can only use them a certain number of times until you can use them again in any given battle. Another great thing about the combat in this game is that your magic and health points are replenished after each battle. To make battles even more fun, you will be able to recruit newer members in your party as you progress further into the game. Newer characters to your party add more firepower as they will have access to more weapons and skills for you to use. When you end each battle, you can level up and upgrade your skills and attributes making your party even stronger than before. You can also equip armor and other clothing too. Graphically, the 2D style character models look great during battles. The fighting game style presentation really make the game feel more epic rather than if you were hacking and slashing in a random location like in other RPG video games. The weakest aspects of the visuals are when you are actually exploring in the game. The camera shifts to a birds-eye-view point and its often hard to see where you are going. Not to mention the map in this game fails to tell you where your next objective is too. The interface of the game is nicely laid out as most of the things you need to do are positioned on the left hand side of the screen. This is not like in other RPG games where you are bombarded with a clunky interface with lots of buttons located all over the screen. Another helpful aspect of this game is that it saves often too. Even if all of your characters die, the game restarts at the beginning of the battle you just lost. You can even adjust the difficulty of this game anytime if you think its getting too hard or easy. The audio and music in Legend of the Void 2 is of a high quality as well. Most free to play video games are simple and dont feature any audio at all. The sound effects add realism to the combat and the games soundtrack is great to listen to. New tracks can be listened to whenever you enter a new area in the game so you wont be hearing the same old piece of music over and over like in other games. The whole gameplay of Legend of the Void 2 is quite simple as it plays like any other dungeon crawler. You will explore various locations, talk to a lot of NPCs, upgrade and purchase new skills and equipment while you kill a lot of enemies that are in your way. If you are a fan of the famous Diablo series, you will find hours of entertainment here in this game. If you happen to love this game so much, you will have access to another mode in the game called Demon Invasion. This mode is only available for those that choose to play for the games premium content. The mode adds 30 more battles in the game for you to play plus other extra content that other users wont experience. Overall, Legend of the Void 2 is a great game that old school RPG veterans will love to play. The graphics might look simplistic, but the game provides hours of entertainment and is pretty easy to play. If you love to play an old fashioned style of dungeon crawler, then this game is for you.

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Legend of the Void 2

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