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War of Nobles

War of Nobles Experiencing Interesting RTS Adventure in War of Nobles Strategy games have always been considered as one of the most popular genres for online game lovers in recent times, especially with many titles being developed recently such as the outing named War Of Nobles from company with similar name. This game is a browser based Real Time Strategy piece which won't need players to download anything, so they can comfortably play it just by using their internet connection. Being an online RTS game, this title will offer an interesting and persistent world, where things keeps on going despite the gamer taking a rest from their adventure. Its a quite common traits though for several online gaming this days, especially those involving strategic theme as it allows other players to evolve themselves, making such a vast and lively gaming world. Starting the adventure at War Of Nobles, gamer will be requested to sign in first before eventually starting their gaming journey. Early in that outing, players are being asked to choose their preferred hero that will be used throughout the entire game. Gamer are being given four options that can be chosen as a hero, they are: Warrior, Merchant, Spy and also Leader. Each of those characters have its own unique traits, which mostly determining each strengths along with weaknesses and basically the playing style that gamer can experience while taking one of that heroes as an option. Similar with RPG type of games, those heroes will have their own stats in which there's a specific traits that stands out. Being a RTS game, this outing also provides city building style which is important, especially in the early part of the game as players required to collect resources that will help them in the course of this gaming journey. Players can get the required resources basically by two methods, upgrading the town(or castle) or raiding nearby villages. Having a hefty amount of that required resources will allow gamer to manage their troops, which are an essential aspect to either protect the kingdom or conquering others. Being an important aspect for gamer, those soldiers must be treated well as not only giving solid training, players must also provides payment for them to keep them satisfied. War of Nobles' game play basically about finishing required quests which related to building the castle's economy and setting up troops, before players are eventually ready to attack others. Obviously, this outing offers an exciting PvP battle as gamer can battle against each others in search for the worthy ruler of that gaming realm. Aside from fighting with other city rulers, on this outing, players can also face some serious resistance from villagers who are strongly resisting their attempt in collecting resources. That's why scouting for those village before starting any attack is advisable to every gamer as there's a possibility that in early days, those people can actually out-power the limited troops that were being sent for raiding. The battle system for this game is quite dynamic where there's a need of balance between offense and defense power in order to be successful in this game. Being a tactical game, obviously, players will be required to set things up before embarking on any war, including placing their best offensive force for attacking other cities and setting up strong defense stance while under attack. This game's battle is far from a quick process as there's several stages that need to be passed when players are keen on conquering other cities. Similar methods also happens when they're defending their town, but obviously there's a different mission that gamer must do when they're under threat. Conquering others is not an easy thing to do, as there's also some terms that must be completed before gamer are able to get their hands on other kingdom. Aside from battling against each others, in this game, players are also allowed to make a pact with those they're keen on collaborating with. Having a pact agreement means that they will be working with each others in many areas, mainly during battle, which can really give an advantage for both players. However, gamer must remember not to suddenly cross path with their allies as it could cause so many problems, since having an alliance basically mean creating that strong brotherhood bonds in the game. Knowing that this game has such a dynamic environment, that allies can often give that needed hands for gamer, when they're facing problems from other enemies. The visual for this outing is quite good for a non download browser based game, though it's not something that could wow any hardcore MMORTS players. Still, it provides enough fun visual for those who decides to take this gaming experience. As for its, online environment, War Of Nobles is quite active as it offers many aid for players through forum and with that alliance setup, gamers obviously able to connect well with other players. However, this game might not offer something exclusively new for strategy game lovers as the basic concept isn't that much different with other titles with similar genres. Still, for those who are keen on testing out another interesting MMORTS with a medieval theme without having the trouble of downloading any game packs, War Of Nobles can be an interesting option. Meanwhile, those who are not that aware yet with this type of game can learn some basic mechanism for this genre that is not being set in such complicated manner. In all, this title is an interesting choice for gamer lovers who are interested in strategy, especially keen on experiencing tactics in war between cities. War of Nobles is far from unique in the browser-based world, and for those that prefer more action than strategy it may not be an all too enjoyable experience. After you have chosen your game world and have joined you begin what you will spend most of your time doing clicking on icons to build different buildings. These are constructed with the simple visualisation of a timer counting down. The more advanced the building the longer it takes to build. There isnt much to do at the beginning other than wait and explore the game a little. Exploring what you can do and the immediate screens when you first start is important, as there is very little in terms of a typical tutorial. What you will find, which is a good thing due to the lack of a good tutorial, is a quest list. Once you click on the Quest tab you will be presented with a list of quests that lead from building your first buildings to conquering a city. These quests, when followed, are meant to not only progress your game but also be used as a means of learning the game. Its a different take on the tutorial and one that works because it also gives you a sense of independence, it doesnt feel like youre simply clicking on arrows while not taking in any information, which is a problem with other games in the RPG genre. There is also a Hero tab that allows you to spend points on the different characteristics of your Hero. It is here you are able to improve such things as your building times to negotiating skills. It isnt a unique idea but including it does allow you to have some sort of control over how you progress and if you change your mind there is a skills reset button so you can redistribute your skill points. There isnt much about War of Nobles that will attract new players to the genre, but for those that enjoy partaking in the strategy and the politics of war, then there is enough to sign up for.

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