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Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Review Deep Sleep is a free to play flash based video game that you can play online. Its an old-school style point and click adventure game where you will have to find your way out of precarious situations and find items to unlock doors or solve other problems as you are trapped in a weird nightmare. Deep Sleep starts off in a very mysterious way as your character wakes up not knowing where he/she is. Its up to you as the player to discover what exactly is going on in this odd dream-like world and to try and find a way out of this situation. You dont create or get to see who this character is because the game is played via a first-person perspective. The visuals in Deep Sleep are as simplistic as they come. Im not sure if this is because of the low budget the game has it was developed by one person or if the grainy pixelated look was animated in purpose to give the player a real sense they were really visiting a dream world. In either case, the dark simplistic graphics add to the overall eerie atmosphere that the game is trying to portray. The controls are very simple too because everything is controlled by the mouse only. To visit new rooms and areas in the game, all you have to do is click on a door or other opening and you will be automatically transported. Other things you will need to take note are to click on other areas of interest in each room you visit. If you see cupboards and/or other objects, you may find a key or other helpful item you can collect that will help you out on your journey. Deep Sleep isnt what I would describe as a true survival horror game, although there are elements in this game that might scare some gamers. Without spoiling too much of the game for people, Ill just say that there is a creepy voice when you answer the phone that just says wake up repeatedly. Its freaky to hear if youre playing the game at night and in the dark. A flaw in the game design is that there are no tutorials or instructions in the game whatsoever. I guess this was done on purpose to give the player the same feeling of hopelessness as the character in the game. In either case, be prepared to guess what you need to do in this game because Deep Sleep isnt always clear with its instructions. Deep Sleep isnt an entirely long video game and the game can be completed in less than 30 minutes or so on your first go. If you are stuck and want to read through the games walkthrough which is available simply by pausing the game, you could potentially even finish the game in less than 10 minutes. Once you have completed the game, theres no real incentive to play through the game again in my opinion, although spoiler ahead the games ending does suggest a sequel might be developed soon to continue on with the story. Once the character ends the dream, he/she decides to return back to the mysterious world to find out for sure if it was a dream or was if it was happening in real life. Lets just say the game ends in ambiguous fashion much like with Christopher Nolans Inception movie. If Deep Sleep still sounds like an odd game to you, the most recent video games that resemble its style of gameplay are PSN titles such as Datura, Journey and The Unfinished Swan. If youve played any of these three titles before, you will enjoy what Deep Sleep offers. Even though the game was pretty short, I thought Deep Sleep offered a very unique and enjoyable experience.

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Deep Sleep

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