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Lost Magic

Lost Magic Lost Magic Review Lost Magic is a free to play fantasy based MMORPG video game that is available to play online. Lost Magic is a 2D browser based video game that is a completely different game from the Nintendo DS title that bears the exact same name. The free to play version of Lost Magic is a completely original game that old-school RPG gaming fans will like to sink their teeth into. The first thing you are presented with once you log in to play the game is the character customization screen. Lost Magic includes fairly simple options for you to choose from as all you have to do is click on the gender and race you want to be. The actual appearance for your character is generated automatically by the computer so you cannot fully alter your characters look. Still, you can choose to be either a male or female character plus whether you want to play as a human, red demon or even a blue Na vi like the ones seen in the movie Avatar. One thing I have to say about Lost Magic though is that the interface can look a little cluttered. The actual games visuals fill up only half of the screen while the rest of it is taken up by the comments section below. There is no other way of making the comments box any smaller nor can you alter the resolution of the screen either. Despite this, I thought the graphics of the game were still impressive even though they only took a fraction of the screen. The 2D animated sprites are highly detailed and they look like they have been ripped straight from a high quality cartoon show. Not to mention the background illustrations look lovely as well. Lost Magic has a pretty simple story and the title of the game pretty much explains what has happened to the world. Magic has been lost in this world thanks to the number of undead characters and other nasty beings plaguing the world. The prophecy predicts that you will be the one responsible for bringing back magic to the world and restore the world as it once was. The combat in Lost Magic is the classic turn based system that we have become accustomed to with most other RPG video games. All you have to do is click at the bottom of the screen for the type of attack you want to initiate. Some attacks are more powerful than others, although cannot be used on each and every turn. Unlike other turn based RPG games, there is a 30 second time limit for you to execute an attack or else you character will do nothing and your enemy will get a chance to further damage your health. As with most other RPG games before it, you will become stronger and can acquire more helpful weapons and items as you further progress in the game. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that you actually start off wearing no armor and you are unarmed. Its not until you fight with a gang member outside of the pub do you get to claim a sword from him so you can attack the more unworldly creatures that are featured in this game. One major difference about Lost Magic is that you dont explore the game world in a 3D or even 2D environment like you would in other MMORPG video games. To visit new areas and enter buildings, all you have to do is point and click on certain highlighted areas within the game screen. In my opinion, this made the game faster paced and allowed me to travel to new areas more quickly than in other 3 MMORPG video games. Because of the amount of freedom you can get from exploring the world in Lost Magic, its actually very easy to stumble upon many side quests. I remember talking to a gentleman that wanted me to kill a bunch of rabbits. As naive as I was, I thought killing a bunch of little rabbits would be a piece of cake. To my surprise though, they were huge and looked very demonic. I got killed instantly by those demon-like rabbits. If you are playing Lost Magic, its best to stick to the main quests first to level up before you tackle on any of the side quests like I did. Another unique aspect about Lost Magic is that there are certain moments you can respond with different dialogue. This isnt anything new with console-based RPG video games, although its something rarely seen in free to play video games. I remember there were two ways to approach the gang member you had to beat up. You could have just sneaked passed on him, or approach him directly by picking his nose. I did the latter and he understandably got angry with me about it.There are other humorous responses you can give throughout the game as well. Much like the graphics in this game, the audio reflects the high productions values and effort that have been put in to this game. If you are a fan of fantasy based video games, youll love the soundtrack and sound effects that are featured in this game overall. The music really adds a layer of atmosphere to the game that is would not have been possible of the game didnt include any background music. Despite the annoying comments box that takes up half of the screen, Lost Magic is an addictive game that shouldnt disappoint many RPG gaming fans. The graphics are excellent and the overall presentation of the game is of a high quality throughout. If youre looking to play an excellent free to play video game online, look no further than with Lost Magic.

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