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Crime Inc

Crime Inc Crime Inc. Review Crime Inc. Is a free to play strategy-based video game where you have to care of a criminal empire. The game is available to play in various formats such as Android, iOS, online and even via Facebook. So whether you are on a PC, laptop, tablet or on your smartphone, you can easily access this game and start playing it. The game starts off simple enough as you will need to select the boss of your criminal gang. You dont get to alter the appearance of this character like you can in other games. You will just select a picture of your boss from the six that are available here. It actually doesnt matter which boss you choose as it does not affect the gameplay in any form. Once you have decided to choose your boss, the game immediately starts. The tutorial starts with you needing to buy weapons. You actually get to start off with 50 gang members and 250,000 to build up your criminal empire. This is quite generous in my opinion since other games you start off with absolutely nothing. Although your money will quickly diminish as the safehouse costs a whole 100,000. The tutorial ends pretty quickly and you will be ready to manage your gang in no time. If you have played Facebooks popular video game called Mafia Wars before, you will already have fair idea of how Crime Inc. plays like. Its a straight-up point and click video game with a lot of text and reading involved. Sadly, you dont get the chance to actually see gang members trying to kill each other, nor do you actually play the game. All that you have to do is click on a bunch of tabs and thats pretty much how Crimc Inc. is played. Thats not to say Crime Inc. is a very simple minded or boring video game because its not. In order to do jobs in this game, you will have to ensure your gang is always equipped with the right weapons and are strong enough to tackle jobs on their own. Theres quite a fair amount of arsenal you can purchase to make your gang stronger and to ensure they do jobs without any casualties. One of the first weapons you can purchase includes daggers, switch blades and even katanas. Buying weapons can be an expensive affair though because you will need to purchase weapons for each member of your gang. There are also a few vehicles you can get as well that will help your gang while they are out doing jobs. The game opens up once you level up and you will have access to more weapons and ,or vehicles. The premise of the game is fairly obvious as your goal is to become the most powerful criminal entity out there by killing and crushing your adversaries by any means possible. Its the type of game you can play daily to check on the progress of your criminal empire. The presentation in Crime Inc. is pretty impressive and slick overall. Normally with heavily text based video games, the interface can look clunky and navigating through the game can be a nightmare to get through. Thankfully, this isnt the case with Crime Inc. as all of the tabs are nicely located at the top of the screen for you to see. Crime Inc. is a decent strategy game if you into this genre of gaming. Its a game I can easily see people can play on the go and its an already popular title too. Over 10 million gamers are already playing the game worldwide and are enjoying it so far. If you want to join in on the fun, you can easily do so as there are many platforms you will be able to play the game on as aforementioned at the start of this review.

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Crime Inc

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8 February 2013Gwapojgy12
Vader  Yabbahut
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