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Dungeon Overlord

Dungeon Overlord Dungeon Overlord Game Review Dungeon Overlord is a free to play RTS game you can play online. You can play the game on your web browser or via Facebook. Despite the game being browser-based, the game has excellent graphics and enough content here on offer that is enough to please any hardcore RTS fan. The games premise is that you are a huge and evil Overlord and your goal is to defeat other Overlords to rule over them by taking over their dungeons and more. Before you can actually do this though, Overlords have little goblins working for them that will help them construct and build up the Overlords home base. The tutorial is quite a lengthy one, although its important to play through if you want to become a master at this game. One of the first things you will have to do is build a den for your Overlord. The den is where the Overlord lives and you will have to craft things for him to live in his den such as a bed for him to sleep on as well as other furniture. The den isnt the only thing you will have to build too. In order to build all of these materials, you will need to collect enough resources as well. This is where you will have to construct specific mining areas so you can collect and harvest resources like gold, iron and others. Much like any other RTS video game, the lengthy part of the game is actually making sure the Overlords base is up and running smoothly. Mandatory tasks you will have to do are to upgrade certain rooms, craft new types of furniture and even building new areas for you to mine. Its a process that cannot be done instantly and Dungeon Overlord is the type of game you should play daily to check on your progress. This is important to do because you will have to check on your workers morale too. If your goblin workers feel unhappy, they wont be able to construct buildings for you as efficiently as before. They are living creatures overall and expect to get paid, get fed and have a place to stay as well. The workers will strike if they dont get paid! Once you have finally accomplished all of the mandatory tasks of collecting resources and constructing all of the necessary buildings for the Overlord, you can start experiencing the combat system that this game has to offer. Much like most other RTS video games, most of the combat is automated and you dont actually get to control your troops specific actions. All you need to do is click where you want your troops to attack and they will start doing their thing. The combat system in this game may not be deep, although its quite humorous to see your goblin troops killing one another. You can even build turrets and other weapons too to fend off invading enemies from destroying your own dungeon. The only minor downside to the combat is the amount of limited space there is available for your troops to move around. You will have to adapt to newer strategies in this game if you want to come out on top during battles since the space is so limited. Personally, I like fighting in areas with a lot more open space as it makes things easier. Graphically, the game is wonderful to look at as everything is brightly colored and animated. I noticed the game has some design inspirations from other famous video games and or movies. The goblins are something you may see from something like World of Warcraft while the dungeon appeared as if the Overlord was living in Lord of the Rings Mount Doom. This isnt a bad thing as I thought the visuals were more impressive compared to other like-minded free to play RTS video games. Another impressive feat about the visuals is that the game rarely slows down. In other games they will experience lag if there are too many characters seen on the screen at one time. Amazingly, no matter how many goblins and other creatures were around killing each other in this game, I rarely experienced any lag during my playthrough. Not to mention the game loads pretty quickly too which is a good thing since this is a game that can be played either on your computer, tablet or even smartphone as well. The audio overall is good; although Im sure many people will be sick of hearing the repetitive music over and over. The only piece of music that is featured in this game is Edvard Greigs In the Hall of the Mountain King. Its a famous piece of music that Im sure most of you have heard before. I didnt mind hearing it for a while, but its something you cannot bear to hear for hours on end. You can simply just mute the music if it gets stuck in your head all day long. Despite the annoying music and very slow pace the game has, Dungeon Overlord is without a doubt one of the most accessible and high quality free to play RTS games Ive played online. The graphics are great and the gameplay is addictive. Just make sure to play the game on a regular basis to get the most fun out of it. If you dont check on your progress regularly, your workers will no longer serve you.

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