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Esgrima Online

Esgrima Online Review Esgrima Online is a 2D free to play MMORPG video game you can play directly through any online browser. The game is set in the Renaissance era, although there are fantasy elements that have been added to the game to keep things more interesting. Being that this is set in the Renaissance era; the character customization options offered here are severely limited compared with other games that have characters creation options. This is because you cannot alter a characters clothing or even their body type. The only thing you can change is the characters face which can only be done by selecting the pre-made faces available to you. You cannot be any females either since they did not fight during this era. After youve decided on a face to select, you can choose the type of weapon that youd like to wield. There are many different weapons you can choose from that include a mix of two-handed and one-handed weapons. They also include a range of melee and long-ranged weapons too. This includes the likes of a sword, sledgehammer to even guns such as a musket and a pistol. Once you have chosen your weapon of choice, the entertaining introduction cutscene commences. The game is set in a once peaceful land that goes by the name of Rio De Luz. It was a peaceful land that its citizens never engaged in any conflicts or wars with anybody. This all changed when a man made the mistake of creating a dark power. A man by the name of Montero then proposed an idea to get let its own citizens to guard Rio de Luz from any outside threats. This is where you come in and the game starts. The game makes a pretty decent effort to capture the design and spirit of the Renaissance era accurately. Everything from the old fashioned style of music to even the clothing that some of the characters wear, they all perfectly capture the atmosphere of the Renaissance era really well. Even the games striking 2D visuals resemble that of some of the famous paintings that were made during that time. The art style in this game looks like something that Vincent van Gough may have painted. Overall, the design in this game is great and its not every day that you see modern day games look like this. The game itself plays like a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG video game. The main city itself acts as an online lobby as this is where you can meet up with other online players, or visit the markets to shop around for armor, skills and weapons. It isnt a very large city nor will you get lost in this game as all you have to do is walk from left to right or vice versa. After all, this is a game played on a 2d plane... Undertaking quests in Esgrima Online is fairly easy to do as all you have to do is click on the gate located at the left side of town and then you will be transported to a map that shows you all of the areas where you can fight. Each area is broken up into levels and the higher the level, the tougher the enemies will be. If your character is on level 5, you may not want to enter the level 10 area until you are strong enough to do so. You can also choose the difficulty setting for each level that includes Normal, Hard or Elite for youre feeling really confident! The game has a very strong multiplayer aspect since its an easy process to join in on another persons game and help them out. Not to mention that the missions are designed specifically for other players to help you out because you will be facing off against multiple enemies simultaneously and its near impossible for you to take them out all on your own. Unlike in other MMORPG video games, navigating your way through the levels and fighting enemies is a literal straightforward task. All you have to do is walk from left to right and you will engage in a succession of consecutive turn-based battles. Its can be quite a challenge to face enemy battles consecutively because you dont have enough time to recuperate until the next battle starts. Not to mention you only have 30 seconds to make your choice in battle until the enemy starts to strike at you. This is why the multiplayer aspect of the game becomes really helpful to you. This is because you will face up against three to four enemies at one time and you are likely to die off quickly if you face off against them all by yourself. With a few mates around with you, they can share the load and kill off enemies in a shorter amount of time. You can even position which players you want to be on the front line or back line of a battle. Its best to place players on the front line if they have melee type weapons as they can do more damage, although they will bear the brunt of the enemys attack so they will need strong armor too. People on the backline should be those who have long ranged weapons such as a rifle. The combat itself is easy as all you have to do is click on an enemy and then there are three options you can choose. You could attack them directly, use a skill or use an item. The attack button is the standard command that makes you character to damage an enemy. The skill button allows you to perform a more powerful attack, although you can only use it sparingly since it uses up your magic points. The items allows you to use any items you have obtained such as potions to heal you up etc. Aside from the missions you can undertake battling against the A.I. baddies, you can also visit the PvP arena that is located all the way on the other side of town. You can have a team of four-on-four matches and go up against actual players. Its a nice alternative for players that sick of facing off again the A.I. all of the time. All in all, Esgrima Online is a highly enjoyable MMORPG video game that includes great music and unique art-style graphics that not many other video games use. The turn-based combat system is fast based and is very entertaining as well. Just make sure there are other players online to make the most out of what this game offers. If youre going to play this game solo, you may have a hard time playing it. With the help with some online friends however, Esgrima Online offers an experience youll never forget.

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