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Grub Guardian

Grub Guardian Grub Guardian, A Simple Yet Entertaining Tower Defense Title If you ever played Wizard101, than you might be familiar with the pet system on that game, well those friendly creatures are pretty much the main theme of Grub Guardian. Being described by KingIsle as a direct link for Wizard101, Guardian is a simple browser game which can also be played via IOS as a stand alone outing, but can be directly used to earn some extra bonuses for those who have an account for the Wizard game. Although being set up as a direct link for the popular and bigger MMO game, Grub Guardian can be played as a new outing that provides a simply and enjoyable gaming experience. GG is a straight forward Tower Defense game, which mission is just to protect 10 bowls of packaged food from hungry monsters that arrives from a certain warp portal. There will be several waves of monsters incoming and you must be able to prevent them from stealing that 10 bowls of food in order to win and collect special in-game bonus along with stats boost for those playing Wizard101. The game play of this browser based outing is very simple as all gamers have to do is placed down their pet along with guardians in a square area and simply let them battle the incoming monsters. Unlike common MMO tactical games, in Grub Guardians, players dont really need to click anything during battle, as after placing everything in their preferred position, the pet and your guardians will be attacking waves of monsters automatically. There will only be a click needed during battle which is activating a power bar on top of the games left screen as it can help you immediately annihilate every opponent once the bar is full. There are 10 types of guardians, which each represents different elements such as Myth, Fire, Ice, Storm, Death, Life, Balance, Moon, Star and Sun. Obviously, the abilities from each of them are being represented by their types. Thats why the placement of guardians is really important in winning, especially facing the last couple of waves, where the numbers of incoming monsters increases rapidly. Every time you win a stage, theres in game bonus which can help upgrading your guardians, along with having silver that can be used to buy more additional guardians in helping your main pet in defeating the enemies. The cool part from this game is that you can still make some addition changes during games as you collect silver by destroying the monsters. Whenever the opponents gets tougher, gamers can easily paused the game and add more guardians or upgrade them based on the amount of silver available at that moment. Thats why there shouldnt be much concern for those who havent play Wizard101 and doesnt have any pet from their account. As for its interaction, the game pretty much required you to create a Wizard101 account in order to get the pure benefits of every available bonus. However, other gamers can still have fun since this browser outing is a stand alone piece which have plenty entertainment qualities and exciting challenges with many different maps available. The graphic for Grub Guardian is not anything special as its a pretty basic 2D visual for any simply browser or mobile games, so dont expect anything that will blow you offer. As for the designs, GGs monsters are more of a cute type instead the beasty cool figures, so some gamers might not totally keen with it. However, considering that its being set for a wide range of market, the cuddly style seems to suit the game better. Overall, Grub Guardians is an interesting and fun browser game which can be used to kill some time after such hectic activities. Although it is supposedly being created as a direct link for Wizard101 game, but GG have a solid base to become a stand alone outing that can still entertain other gamers, who are just looking for some simple entertainment. Despite not having an outstanding graphic, but the fun elements from the game can pretty much replace that aspect. Considering the fact that its an easy and simply free browser game, this title is worth trying indeed.

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Grub Guardian

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