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Rawr is a turn-based game with strategy elements or RPG fighting features.Train your Rawrs and have them become the most powerful creatures that ever existed! Rawr is a free to play video game that plays a little bit like the famous Pokemon series. No, you dont travel around Japan fighting other trainers with cutesy-looking creatures, although you do get to train animals and let them fight with one another. Rawr is browser based and is rendered in 2D so most people with a computer shouldnt have any problems running this game. The creatures in this game are collectively called Rawr and they do not look like as friendly as Pokemon or even Digimon do. They look more aggressive and theyre the type of creatures you would not want to aggravate. Anyway, there are three types of Rawr you can choose from at the beginning of the game and they include the Cthu, Unicorn and Wild. Another three class types are locked but they can be used later and they are the Smoke, Corvin and Croc. As always, different class types have unique strengths so choose wisely before you begin the game. After you have chosen a Rawr and given them an appropriate name, a brief cutscene commences. It has a basic story that some rich businessman wants to buy out a forest. In order for the locals to prevent this from happening, they will have to battle against his own Rawrs. If they manage to win the Rawr battles, they can hopefully claim back the forest. The story thickens when you further progress into the game as you will find out just what a Rawr actually is! The first thing you will have to do is give your Rawr skills to use during battle. This includes both active and passive skills that will help a Rawrs offense and defense respectively. After you have done that, you will engage into your first ever Rawr battle. I was disappointed to find out that you dont get to actually control your Rawr when its fighting in this game. The game does not even play like a turn-based game either where you can command your Rawr to attack or defend in a certain way. No, Rawr has fully automated battles and the only thing you can do is sit back and see how it fares in each and every fight you participate in. This might sound boring to some gamers, but theres more to the game than just battling because you will have to take care of your Rawr to make sure its healthy at all times. Even though Rawr look like monsters from outer space, they are still living and breathing creatures and you will have to take care of them as if they are real pets. After I beat the first Rawr in my first ever battle in the game, I then had to immediately feed my Rawr. Feeding your Rawr ensures it has restored its health, plus resting it will make it fit and healthy to fight another battle the next day. The best thing about Rawr is the fact that you do not just feed your Rawr any type of food that is available to you. In this game, you can collect and buy ingredients so you can cook up food that will be beneficial to your Rawr in some way shape or form. Some ingredients and food will increase its health bar permanently, or make their attacks stronger. The Rare Food Shop will become an important store for you to visit because this where you can obtain rare ingredients from so you can feed your Rawr the best kinds of food for them to battle. Graphically, Rawrs character design and overall presentation is nothing like that of Pokemon. You will not see cute little animals with big eyes in this game. All of the Rawr have angry eyes and have sharp teeth that they like to show often. Although the battles themselves arent too violent, you will see a splodge of blood each time a Rawr attacks another Rawr. Its not to the graphic detail of a game like Mortal Kombat, but its still nothing like the innocence seen in Pokemon video games. Learning new skills and keeping your Rawr healthy at all times becomes a very important aspect of the entire video game. If your preparations are very poor, its more than likely you will lose a battle as the enemies in this game are no pushovers and you should never underestimate them. Some people might find Rawr to be a very difficult game to play as the bosses are really hard and always have a chance to finish you off with ease. If the bosses were easier to beat, Im sure Rawr would have been enjoyed by more people. All in all, Rawr is a pretty enjoyable video game if you are into monster training/fighting games like Pokemon and the like. The story is pretty engaging for a free to play video title, and the graphics are decent throughout. The only flaws in the game are that the battles are fully automated and the boss battles might be too hard for some gamers. Still, its an entertaining game that gamers with patience and skill can persevere at.

Rawr Video Gameplay

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9 September 2013Thanatos22
Go yess i finnaly find this game.OH  Go yess
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