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Dungelot Dungelot Review Dungelot is 2D free to play RPG video game with a twist. It doesnt play like any other traditional RPG video game where you explore large areas and interact with lots of non playable characters to accept quests and the like. It plays more like a puzzle game as the level design is very small as all you can get to explore is several dungeons that are laid out as a piece of many grids and bricks. Dungelot can be played online via a browser, or you can directly download the game onto both your PC and/or Mac computer. Its only 17MB and can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. I found it better to play the game this way than through an internet browser because it is less susceptible to technical issues and lag. Before you start playing the actual game, you can choose two out of four class types. At first you can only play as a Paladin or as a Vampire. The other two class types are a Brewer and an Assassin. These latter class types are not available at the beginning of the game, but they can be unlocked when you level up. Each class type has different strengths such as attack power or higher health points. Once you choose your favorite class type, you enter the first level. As I mentioned before, this isnt the type of game where you will explore and walk around inside of a large environment. It is a simple point and click type of game where your character has to break a lot of walls down to find a key that will open the door to the next dungeon/level. This is pretty much how the whole game is played; although that does not mean that this game is very easy to play. When you click to break down a wall, something of interest is exposed. This might be a treasure chest where you can collect gold or even shield weapons that will help you out against the many enemies that lurk the deep dungeons. Some of the walls that you expose will reveal helpful mates that can aid you against enemies. This can include a person that holds a shield and he can protect you from a certain number of attacks. I also found an individual dressed in red that helped me attack enemies too. Other walls reveal a shop. This shop is usually located in a random spot as well but they are very helpful to you. If youve obtained enough gold while you are exploring the dungeons, you can use this to spend this on increasing your attack power, or replenishing any of your lost health points. I also found booby traps in this game too that annoyingly decrease your health if you step on them. Dungelot plays like a survival video game because each enemy that you have to face will damage you as theres no blocking or any type of evasive maneuver that you can execute. When you go up against an enemy, you will have to keep clicking on the mouse button to kill it. The enemy will block your attack a few times and each time you incur damage, the less amount of health you will have when you enter a new level/dungeon. This game becomes somewhat of a guessing game because the key is always located in a different area. You can either find a key in a matter of seconds, or you will encounter lots of enemies in the process and losing a large chunk of your health. Once you have found a key, you can either exit or enter the next level immediately, or you can stay and find out if there are other hidden treasures that wait to be found. Some other treasures that will help you out include a compass that exposes you the location of the key in every dungeon, or even magic spells that will damage enemies faster. I also encountered areas in the game where you can enter inside an arena”. The arena is a place where you will have to face off against many enemies at once. If you are strong enough to defeat them all, you will earn a huge reward for your efforts. Once you lose all of your health points, it is game over. This isnt a bad thing because I levelled up long enough to be able to play as the Brewer” class type. This little dwarf was stronger and had more health points than both the Paladin and Vampire. By the time I played the game a third time, the Assassin” class type was available. If you happen to be skilful enough to reach the harder dungeons and survive for that long, Dungelot can be an addictive game to play. Its a very simple concept that Im sure most people will be able to play. Although having said that, this game may not offer you hours of entertainment like other RPG video games do. Still, if youre looking for something short and entertaining, Dungelot is the perfect game for you to play.

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