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Be My Princess

Be My Princess Experiencing a Fashion Themed Love Adventure With Be My Princess Android game. Otome games have been one of the genres that received many attention this day, especially with many simulation dating stuffs that normally attracting girl gamers and build a new set of cult followers for that type of outings. From several new Otome titles, one that is getting a strong attention at the moment is Be My Princess from Voltage inc, which is available through GREE gaming application and can be played both on Android or IOS. Just like majority Otome games, Be My Princess also offers an adventurous love simulation game where the gamers will be taken to enter a situation with many options being handed to them. In this case, as a girl oriented game, obviously some collection of hunk princes are the ones that players must be choosing. Just as it was previously explained, since its being made available of Gree, gamers must first create an account at the application before playing the outing. The game storyline is being set in modern time where gamers will be acting as a young female designer, who is looking for jobs in the fashion world and just when things doesnt seem to be going her way, a surprise occurred. Out of the blue, she received a call from here favorite fashion house, that offered here the opportunity shes been looking for all of this time. During the main characters working experience, she will be meeting six princes, who eventually fallen for her and from that moment on the love adventure starts. Just like many games with similar genre, Be My Pricess have a simply game control as gamers only need to tap in into their phone screen to select what type of actions they wanted. The game play is pretty much about selecting which princes that suits you the most or just simply go with the flow and just see where your options leads into. However, in this free to play outing, gamers will be needing Love Passess, which is being limited into fives usage only per day. After the quota is up, you must wait for it to refill until the next day before being able to continue your game. The Love Passess is being used for gamers to check out episodes of a chapter which can either be long or just short ones. Knowing that it will take quite a while before you can continue playing, the game offers those impatient gamers a chance to continue buy using real hard cash to buy their passes. Not an encouraging aspect indeed, especially for those who are not keen on spending cash to try out a supposedly free game. There are some nice features being offered in the game such as decorating your characters room, play dress up with using in-game money which can be earned by going into royal parties. Before engaging into that parties, gamers must try to get as many princess mates they can get since it will help them a lot in getting in game cash and other bonus prizes. Speaking about its graphic, Be My Princess have a nice animated visual which is pretty appealing especially for gamers who loved Japanese style anime. Since this game is intended for girl gamers, the character designs obviously revolves a lot around attractive looking princes, since thats pretty much the main selling point from the outing. Overall for an otome game, Be My Princess can be considered as an appealing title especially for girls, but might not be attacking many male gamers, or those who are keen with other genres. The limitations caused by Love Passess feature also take away some of the fun as gamers wont be able to play it as much as they can. However, those who are patient enough to play will most likely be entertained with this outing as it does possessed what graphic novel outings supposedly offer.

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Be My Princess

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