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My Magical Cosplay Cafe

My Magical Cosplay Cafe Enjoy Some Laughter with My Magical Cosplay Cafe Renown interactive game developer and publisher, SakeVisual recently released an interesting Visual Novel outing titled My Magical Cosplay Cafe. The application for this game is being made available on several PC platforms such as Mac, Windows and Linux, so gamers can pretty much take their picked without having much issues regarding the OS theyre using on their computer. In My Magical Cosplay Cafe, gamers will be playing as Takeshi, a chef in that cafe who are searching for his true love by communicating with several girls around that place. Just as any visual novel outings, this game takes you into an interactive simulation adventure which resulted in multiple endings, depending on what path that you decides to choose while playing it. Unlike other similar interactive games, this free game by SakeVisual is being set in a parody style, so it supposed to bring out some laughters instead of serious relationship based storyline. The game isnt taking particularly serious or even long playing time as gamers can even finished all of the endings in less than an hour, especially if they follow the walkthrough that company provides via their official website. Considering its a fun romantic comedy game, things might not really get serious at all, but its still an interesting outing. Game control for visual novel genres shouldnt be an issue as its pretty simple, with some mouse clicks or keyboards buttons. Meanwhile, the game play for My Magical Cosplay Cafe is also pretty simple as all you need to do is guide Takeshi during his conversation wit the girls and helped him connected with those your keen on having. In the walktrhough being provided by SakeVisual, gamers can see the words and actions that they should be picking in acquiring the endings that the players are seeking. Graphic for this outing is somewhat good and pretty appealing, albeit not the best that you can find from this type of games, but its still visually likable for any players, especially those who are keen with anime style characters. The sound and music from this game is also pretty interesting and pretty much suits well with the style that Magical Cosplay Cafe is taking, which is a fun parody visual novels. If some Otome or Visual Novel games mostly being targeted for girls but this title is also applicable for boys since the main character being played is a male chef who are searching for a girl friend. Added with the comedy elements that the game offered, My Magical Cosplay Cafe is opening the door for non female players to get some fun and comfort in playing this type of games. Overall, this free to play game is an interesting one to try out as it wont take much of your time and the genre offers some fun laughter that could help relieving anyones stress. The parody element might be considered a little bit over the top by some gamers, as theres a lack of serious behavior from the game, but that comedy style is also a strong element from this outing that could easily attract outgoing game lovers in giving it a try.

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My Magical Cosplay Cafe

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