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Memoirs of Angel

Memoirs of Angel Memoirs of Angel an Anticipated Combination of Visual Novel and RPG Visual Novel games continue to attract gamers into their realm, among many recent outings one that have been attacking many attention is Memoirs of an Angel from Anigrams Production which was first released back in 2010, but got rereleased again on October 2012 with a remake is currently being set up. This outing is not just a common VN as the developer also inserted RPG element on it to create such a intriguing mixed which might not be an original attempt but provides something attractive enough for gamers. The game story is about the journey of a princess named Zuleika from Tyranica who are fighting to reclaim her throne after chaos occurred in her kingdom since the murder of previous ruler, Emperor Osirus. Having to witness how her kingdom is currently being poorly run by the sadistic Nefferon, Princess Zuleika is dwelling on getting her position back and fulfill what many people are asking, another peaceful and prosperous life. In the game, players will eventually discover several paths that can decide what type of endings that gamers get. Being a combination of Visual Novels with RPG, Memoirs of Angel provides an interactive simulation story that decides the outcome of your gaming journey. However, theres also the addition on interesting tactical battle system, which makes it even more challenging for those trying out this free outing. Tactics during fighting your enemies will be important as players will have several limitations, such as attack ranges and theres only six attacks being made available for the battle. Moreover, gamers can also see their characters transforming into beast forms which makes them much stronger. In helping gamers during battle, they can improve their attack by leveling up and also buying scrolls from available shops in the game. Not only that, the characters including Zuleika can also change classes along the way, making the RPG element felt tastier. Another interesting feature being described at Memoirs is Alignment system which can also changed from a Light character into Dark, but it wont necessarily changes your main characters basic trait as the heroine. However, it does affect with the decision making, method, priorities along with endings but everything pretty much depends on the players liking. Graphic of this game is pretty neat with the usual anime style character design, which will be much more improved in the remake version. The animated sprites along with backgrounds can also change depending on seasons, which is very attractive and fun to watch. For the remake version, gamers are being given opportunities to customize the character to make it much more suitable for their personal linking. Currently the remake version is still a demo, but interested gamers can also grab the previous version which is lighter compared to the upcoming upgrade. The developer also promised to set up something different for the remake version, mainly on parts of its story. Sample from the new version can already be tried out, but it only covers the first 5-10 minutes of the actual game, thats why for those who havent played the original one, it wont hurt to try that one first. The original game already made such an impression despite being more of a play through story with several actions additions, so the remake should be something much more intriguing for players. Being a free to play outing, even grabbing the current demo version is something worth trying for as the premise being given by the current new version is promising indeed. Obviously, this outing might not be super challenging such as an original RPG games, but the combination of Visual Novel along with Role Playing element always been such a fun combination to play with.

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Memoirs of Angel

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