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War Thunder

War Thunder War Thunder is a World War II inspired massively multiplayer online combat game developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4.

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War Thunder

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War Thunder Game Review

When it comes to free to play video games, there are only a handful of gaming genres that are usually made by game developers. Most of them are RPGs while some others are RTS video games. Ive been reviewing free to play games for a few years now and I have never encountered a plane combat video game. Plane warfare/combat is a genre that isnt too common in the industry these days, yet War Thunder is one game that might reinvigorate the genre altogether thanks to its play-ability and fun factor. Bear in mind, the game is not a browser-based video game so you will need a powerful enough computer in order for you to play it. Not to mention you need to download over 6GB of the game data as well. It took me over 6 hours to download the whole game which is quite long; although internet download speeds will of course vary depending on which country you live in. Another thing to note about this game is that its set in World War II. This means all of the planes are old so you can only fly inside the cockpits of Spitfires and other older planes from that era. If youre expecting to play more modern jet planes like the ones seen in Top Gun or even Battlefield 3, you might be better off playing something else instead. If you happen to like World War II and always fanaticized what it was like being a pilot during the war, War Thunder gives you a virtual experience like no other game. First of all, the graphics in this game are amazing and the attention to detail is something you would normally associate with a full retail game in lieu of a free to play title.

Thunder's Gameplay

When it comes to plane video games, usually the ground the boring and flat and lacks any detail. This is mainly because the game developer feels that the player is normally up in the sky and they think that the ground shouldnt need much attention. This isnt the case in War Thunder as the buildings and houses in the ground look real as does the mountains, sea and other environments you will fly over. Photo realistic graphics is a term that I rarely use for video games, but that is the best term to use to describe how great they are in War Thunder. Another great thing about the game is that you can alternate the camera as well. You can play the game using a third-person viewpoint, or you can switch to the first-person camera and look inside the planes cockpit itself. In the third-person view, you can rotate the camera 360 degrees so you can see your surroundings. This was a helpful tool to have as you may never know when you might fly straight into a mountain or other hazard that you might miss if you were playing in the first-person viewpoint. There are a ton of planes that are playable in this game that are from seven different countries. The countries that are represented in this game include the following: Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Great Britain, USA and the USSR. There are also a handful of planes that you can use too that include a bunch of different bombers and other fighter planes from different class types. If you are a historian and want to play as planes from the years 1927 until 1948, you will instantly fall in love with this game.

In terms of gameplay, War Thunder isnt the easiest game to play thanks to the physics system the game uses. Planes feel realistic so you cannot fly at a very fast pace as you can in arcade-style video games. Not to mention you are up against other players most of the time too and they are unlikely to stay in one position just for you to have an easy shot. They will use various manoeuvres to try and avoid your firepower and it can become an exhilarating experience engaging in an aerial dogfight. Having said that, you will still have to dodge some obstacles as well depending on where you are flying such as buildings or mountains that might be standing in your way! One interesting thing that War Thunder includes that is not very common in video games in the inclusion of an Encyclopaedia. This is where you can read about the history of the many real-life planes that are used in this game. The only other game I remember including an encyclopaedia of some kind is an old Jurassic Park game that was released for the Sega CD back in the early 90s!

Although the games PvP modes are the most popular part of the entire game, players can also play through the games historical mission as well. The storylines and mission featured here are all real-life events that happened during World War II. Its amazing how much detail and accuracy has been put into this game considering its a free to play title. Its not every day that you see a game can actually teach you something about an important event in human history.

Final Verdict for War Thunder

All in all, War Thunder is one of the best and most enjoyable free to play video games out there. The fact that it features plane warfare will appeal to gamers that are sick to death of playing MMORPG or MMORTS video games. The graphics and gameplay are excellent too. Just make sure your computer is powerful enough to run this game to avoid any disappointment.

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