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Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms Alliance of Valiant Arms:Military style FPS video games have now become the most popular genre in gaming today. This is all thanks to the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 which steered the genre into a whole new level with its addicting multiplayer mode and Hollywood style of special effects plus engaging storyline.

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Alliance of Valiant Arms

 Alliance of Valiant Arms, Free MMOFPS game at

Click on picture in order to Play Alliance of Valiant Arms Game also known as AVA from Aeria Games!

Alliance of Valiant Arms Review continues

Since that games release in 2007, an abundant of FPS games have been made to feed the hunger of rabid fans wanting to have their shooting fix. Alliance of Valiant Arms is one of the many FPS games out there that you can play. It may lack the single player modes that games like Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 offers, but one thing that this game does offer is that you can simply download and play it free of charge. You dont have to pay for an Xbox Live subscription to play this game. Not to mention its one of the few free to play games that are available to download via Steam too.

As with most free to play multiplayer video games, the first thing you will do is to create your own character. The options you can choose from are fairly limited and the character design is pretty clichéd. Most of the characters in these types of games look similar anyway, although this does not matter too much as you dont get to see your own character much from a first-person perspective. There are three class types you can choose from too and they include the point man, rifleman and a sniper.

You have the option of playing through the games tutorial if you wish. If you have played any other FPS video game before on the PC, you could just skip it because the controls and mechanics are pretty much the same. You move using the WASD keys and aim using the mouse. There are also options for you to zoom in on your scope and use melee attacks too. If youve played a FPS game before, there isnt anything much new here that Alliance of Valiant Arms provides.

Once you have finished the brief and short tutorial, you can then enter into your first multiplayer match. There are nine different match types in the game that include Annihilation, Escort and Demolition, Domination, Free For All, Cross Steal, Infection, A.I. Mission and Escape. Most of the game modes involve you shooting at other players but the A.I Mission is the only different one from the pack because you will be assigned to a mission that you have to complete and you will shoot at the enemy A.I. instead.

Finding a match to join in this game is painstaking easy to do. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the game, picking to choose which game to join in shouldnt be a hard thing to do. Match types usually consist of up to 16 players in total and there are usually a ton of matches you can choose to join in on the games lobby menu.

When you start the actual game itself, you will not notice many difference from this game to other military style FPS video games that are out there. You can sprint, throw grenades and of course shooting using a rifle or any other gun you may have equipped. You can also attack using your knife if any of your enemies are close enough. The majority of the time spent in this game though is moving around the maps and just shooting at anything that moves. Thankfully the game does have the option to turn off friendly fire if you are trigger happy.

One thing that this game has that differs from other FPS games is that the guns have heavy recoil. This means whenever you shoot, the gun shakes and your aiming accuracy will decrease. I guess the game developer was aiming for realism in this game, but heavy recoil is something that might scare off some beginners. The only other FPS game that I can name that has a similar feature was the first Killzone game for the PS2. Most game developers dont include heavy recoil on guns nowadays and some gamers found it was too difficult to play.

Graphically, Alliance of Valiant Arms has some of the best graphics Ive ever seen for a free to play video game. This is all thanks because the game is built using the impressive Unreal 3 Engine. The graphics may not look as highly realistic as EAs Battlefield 3, but they are still great to look at in their own right. Some people might mistake this game for being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since the graphics and overall design is almost identical between the two games.

Another great feature that this game has is the level of customization options you can do on your weapons. You can change the color of paint, alter the barrel, change the trigger, add a silencer and even add a scope on some of the weapons too. If youve played the game long enough and have accumulated enough money, there are loads of ways you customize the look and appearance for the guns you own in this game.

The level design in this game is also impressive. There are a variety of maps that have corridors but also open areas as well. There are lots of hiding spots that snipers can use as well as pathways and other spots that players can explore as well. The selection of maps available here are generous so its unlikely you will be playing on the same map all of the time.

Overall, Alliance of Valiant Arms is one of the most impressive free to play video games out there. Fans of the FPS genre wont be disappointed as the gameplay is smooth, fast and very satisfying. Not to mention it has one of the best looking graphics for a free to play video game as well. Some beginners may have to get used to the physics used in this game but other than that, most gamers will have a blast playing this game.

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