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Tamer Saga

Tamer Saga Tamer Saga Review Tamer Saga is an anime styled MMORPG game that you can play for free online. If you are a fan of Japanese style characters, bright colors and fast paced gameplay, you will absolutely adore Tamer Saga. The game starts off requiring you to choose the main character you’d like to play as. You cannot alter the appearance of your character like you can in most other MMORPG video games, although the characters you can be look cute enough and will appeal to gamers that love anime-style illustrations. There are four class types you can choose from and include a Warrior, Priest, Mage and Ranger. Obviously, each class type has different abilities and strengths so choose the character that best suits your personal taste. Once you have finally made your decision, you are ready to play the game. Despite the game’s lovely 2D graphics, I was surprised to see that the game loaded immediately. Usually games with high-end graphics like this take a long time to load. Anyway, the first thing you do is participate in the game’s prologue. The prologue is basically the game’s tutorial that will teach you all of the game’s controls, as well as introduce you to the game’s combat. The tutorial is pretty helpful as you are given a few rewards and items from the very start that you can use. Your first taste of battle is that you need to kill off a pair of rabbits. Combat is sadly fully automated by the computer and you have no say or control over battles. Although the first battle I encountered ended rather quickly as my character just killed the two rabbits with just two quick slices with her sword. The voice acting is a bit off in this game. Although there isn’t any dialogue that is spoken, you can still hear the moans and groans that the character makes during combat. Even though I chose to play as a female warrior character, she still made the sounds of a male warrior instead. It sounded off-putting at first, but it becomes humorous to listen to after a while. After defeating and participating in the first two battles, you are given a pet that will join you on your quest. Pets will help you against enemies and are very helpful to back you up especially at times when you need to face up against more than one enemy. You can even choose the type of formation you and your pet will make during battle. Since I was being a warrior, I opted to stand in the front line of battle while my pet supported me from behind. Even though the first pet I’d obtain as a little rabbit, it was good enough to hold its own during many of the fights we had to engage in early on in the game. After you get a pet, you also receive a “mount” too. The first mount in this game was a funny looking horse and it’s helpful to use if you need to travel long distances. The mount’s usefulness in Tamer Saga might be a little redundant, because travelling in this game is also fully automated too. Although you can choose to freely explore areas in this game, most of the time you can press the highlight words on the quest button and your character will automatically move to where he/she needs to go to next. This method saves gamers a lot of time compared to other MMORPG video games where you are forced to find where everything is located manually by yourself... Once you find a mount and start the first chapter, the game becomes a fast paced experience where you will have to engage in a series of battles. You will talk to various non playable characters, accept their quest to defeat a certain number of enemies and then report back to them in order to receive your reward. The main premise of the game is to capture and tame various monsters. Much like the rabbit you use as your first pet, you will be able to summon other types of monsters too that can help you out during battles. For those gamers that like to face other players, there is also a PvP arena added in this game too if you get sick of facing against the A.I all of the time. It’s a fun alternative to the single player offering, although there’s no filtering system in the game that allows you to face off against players that are the same level as yourself. Some players will have monsters/pets that are way more powerful than your own which results in a fast and uneven matchup. If you’re planning on participating in this game’s PvP arena, just make sure you’re strong enough first. The soundtrack in most MMORPG games are great to listen to and Tamer Saga is no exception. Whenever you engage in battle or visit a new area in the game, a different track from the soundtrack is played. This is great to hear as you’re not listening to the same piece of music over and over again like you often do with some other free to play video games. Tamer Saga may not introduce or include any new features to the MMORPG genre, but it executes the basics very well and the game’s presentation is very lovely. The gameplay is fast paced and very enjoyable as collecting monsters to recruit on your team can become an addictive obsession in this game. If you are a fan of turn-based MMORPG games, there’s no doubt you won’t be disappointed with Tamer Saga.

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Tamer Saga

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