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Broken Realm

Broken Realm Broken Realm is an online free to play MMORPG video game. The Chinese developed browser based game is currently in open beta allowing many people to have a taste of what this game offers. I had a chance to play the game and my first impressions of the game are good. Although I have to say there are a few thing that bugged me about the game which I will go into more detail later. First of all, you will need to choose the main character that youíd like to be in the game. Although sadly you cannot alter the appearance for your character, the people you can choose from are all attractive so I donít think most gamers will care who they choose. There are four class types you can choose at the start and they include the following: Barbarian, Archer, Paladin and Mage. Each class has different ways to attack and their own strengths as well. Be sure to read the description for each class on the side of the screen to see if they suit your own preference. After youíve done all that, you are then ready to play the game. Much like many other MMORPG video games, the game starts off immediately with your character already placed on the map. Thereís no introduction cutscene to tell you what the story of the game is or anything like that. Broken Realm is the classic style of MMORPG where you will just go around and accept a bunch of quests to defeat a bunch of monsters. I must say, the game isnít too demanding to play on my computer, but I did notice a bit of lag from time to time and the game took a long time to render the environment when I first played it. The first screen I saw was all of the characters just standing around in a whole environment that was all white. It eventually loaded up the beautiful green landscape, but this is something to note if youíre playing the game on a weaker computer. I also noticed the game lags as well. This is more noticeable if you want click on a button on the screen but it becomes unresponsive for a few seconds. Itís not too annoying but it can be distracting at times... In terms of gameplay, Broken Realm features the classic point and click system that is often associated with most other MMORPG titles out there. Youíll just move around the environments in the game talking to multiple non playable characters and doing lots of favors for them. This can be by killing a bunch of monsters for them or by collecting items for them too. Thereís nothing truly innovative about the gameplay in Broken Realm, but it has a fast pace and there is still hours of fun to be had here. I have mixed feelings about the combat in this game because itís neither fluid nor is it very accurate either. I chose to be an Archer would but it did not seem like my attacks were very accurate and my character would miss the target with the many arrows she shot. Not to mention I had to hunt for the same kind of animal and some of the other players I was with at the time would steal my kill. I did admire the fact that combat was not simulated like in other games, but itís just the standard point and click system that is often seen with lots of other MMORPG video games. You can also recruit a pet that fights along side of you as well. The first pet you receive is a helpful wolf. They can be quite helpful during combat, but learning new skills for them can be time consuming because you will have to level up first. This is the same for your own skill sets as well since you will learn more powerful attacks once you reach to a certain level. You will also have a ďmountĒ you can use in the game too. This is usually just a horse that allows you to travel around the levels at a faster pace than normal. Another thing to note about this game is that itís one of those video games where you can automatically travel to your location. If you need to talk to someone, you can just press the link on the quest menu and your character will start travelling to that location automatically. This means you donít have to look on the map all of the time to see where you have to go. Again, this is a fast paced style of game for those that love to see action immediately instead of walking around aimlessly like in other MMORPG video games. Graphically, Broken Realm is best described as a 2.5D MMORPG game because the character models are in 2D but they can move around in a 3D environment. The camera viewpoint is from an isometric view so your character will be moving around diagonally all of the time. This is common with most other browser based RPG video games since itís faster to render and load as opposed to a fully 3D rendered video game. I was disappointed with the music featured in this game. Itís not bad, but the same piece of music is played over and over again and itís not very long either. Listening to the same tune over and over again is not a pleasant experience and it would have been better if the piece of music they did use lasted more than over a minute. That being said, the sound effects are pretty decent and very clear and crisp if youíre playing the game using headphones on. Broken Realm may not introduce anything new to the MMORPG video game genre, but it is still an enjoyable game to play. The graphics are quite impressive and the gameplay is fast paced and full of action. If youíre a fan of other browser based RPG games like Odin Quest or Wings of Destiny, you may find this to be similarly enjoyable. If youíre looking for a RPG game that introduces any new elements to the genre, you may want to seek another game instead because Broken Realm only includes the fundamentals of a MMORPG game.

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Broken Realm

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