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BattleDawn Galaxies

BattleDawn Galaxies Become a great leader of a large space empire in this free-to-play browser game. Collect resources, wage wars against enemy players and expand your intergalactic reign... Battle Dawn Galaxies is a free-to-play browser game set in a sci-fi universe, where strategy, bravery and tactical decisions will get you ahead. Your mission is to expand a small space station into a powerful and mighty space empire. This is done through combat and the collection and trade of precious crystal resources. Once you have registered to play the browser game Battle Dawn Galaxies you can begin your intergalactic adventure. Starting small, you are put in charge of your own space station. This is where all your strategic decisions will take place, and where you will go to re-coup post-battle. Each time a battle is won in the sci-fi browser game Battle Dawn Galaxies, you accrue points which in turn raise your overall position in the universe.

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BattleDawn Galaxies

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