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My Lands

My Lands Game Review My Lands is a fairly basic yet addictive MMORTS video game that is available for you to play online. One of the most unique aspects of the entire game is that it actually pays players to play the game. This involves finding items called “Black Gems” where you can exchange them for real life money. Another thing to note is that My Lands is browser based and has simplistic graphics and design. Anyone with a computer and stable internet connection shouldn’t have too many problems trying to play this game. My Lands pretty much starts off immediately once you have registered your details. There’s no altering or customizing your character or even choosing a location for your city that you can do with other MMORTS video games. The only thing you can alter is the name of your city. Once you have done that, you can start playing the game. My Lands start off with a mandatory tutorial you have to play through. My Lands plays like every other RTS game out there which might be a turn off for some gamers. This is because it starts off pretty slow and constructing multiple buildings waiting for them to complete. It can get tedious since it’s literally like watching paint dry waiting for all of these buildings to be finished before you can start going onto the next task. The learning curve is quite steep as well. This isn’t the type of game you can master within just a couple of minutes. The slow construction of your city is mandatory before you can go on and start competing with other players. As I have already mentioned, the slow pace of the game is what really drags this game down and I suspect there are other people out there that won’t have the patience playing through a game like this. Another thing about My Lands that will disappoint some gamers is that there’s no action to witness in this game either. This isn’t like other RTS games where you get the chance to build an army so you can see them in action. All you can do is choose an enemy town and click on the attack button. Then you can check the progress of your attack on another window. It would have been more exciting if you could see your army in action instead of just reading about it. The most unique aspect of My Lands is the resources known as “Black Pearls” or “Gems”. These items can actually be collected and converted into real money which will be credited towards your Paypal account. Bear in mind, this is only possible for players that have paid for a subscription for the game. Still, My Lands is the only game I know of that pays people to play the game. Most MMO games (paid or not) don’t pay or refund you if you complete certain missions. Presentation wise, My Lands is as basic as you can get. This is to be expected since this is a free to play video game after all. Not to mention the game lack any type of audio so people that don’t like playing games in silence may want to open up iTunes to liven up the game’s atmosphere. In terms of graphics, the buildings look great and the game itself is pretty colorful. Still, it’s very basic and won’t look too flashy on your monitor. Overall, My Lands is a game that will be enjoyed by fans of the MMORTS genre. The fact that the game is free to play is also a good thing too. The most surprising feature of the game is that the game pays you to play the game if you are a subscribing player. This is sadly the only innovative feature of My Lands as this plays like any other generic RTS game out there.

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21 September 2013Thomas13RB
Cool  Vader
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