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Dragons Call II

Dragon's Call II Experiencing Another Exciting Journey with Dragon's Call II

Crafting a sequel for an outing which received positive welcome is not just something that people sees in movies, as the gaming world also prompted this kind of style in recent times. Obviously by sequels here, it's not just a franchise selling with different story, but direct follow up to previous outing, just like what is being offered by Ray Media Group with Dragon's Call II, which is the continuation from the previous series which also offers similar genres which is another side scrolling RPG with turn-based battling system.

For those who already finished playing the first title, it might not be that difficult to follow things up in Dragon's Call II, though there's an obvious upgrades that the developer worked on to make this second installment much more interesting. The story for this latest title is being set three years from the original, where this time a much more evil foes are ready to stop you, the member of that holy alliance, in your attempt to restore peace, freedom and obviously fulfilling the Goddess' wishes. It's obviously an exciting precedence for game lovers, who have already gain some memories from taking part in the previous installment as they can discover more entertaining story from this game.

Starting things out, players will be asked to chose their hero character from three available classes, Warrior, Assassin and Mage. After picking one of those three, gamer can start creating the avatar for their character, which is being divided into male and female, just as many MMORPG does. With the side-scrolling vibe being implemented, this second installment also offers a much more exciting exploration opportunities compared to the previous title as Ray Media Group obviously planned to treat their loyal fans and also potential new gamer as well.

This game also provides a pretty common control system as just like what many can find in other titles, players can either exclusively use their mouse or tapping on several keyboard buttons which have been setup to play this outing. Dragon's Call II interface is also pretty user friendly with strong details in every essential aspects, so gamer won't get confused in steering their way around this outing. Basically the game play for this title is what many other MMORPG also set, which is enhancing your character's skill set, though there's a different leveling points being offered here as players don't really need to grind their way in getting an improved stats, but they will be provided with several other options in making their hero strong.

Several interesting things that are being implemented to add more fun for gamer in this outing, includes the likes of Reputation and Pals system, Guild Events, Astrology System, Equipment refining, Talent and Honor, etc. Those additions really brought that breath of fresh fair for players, especially those who have already played the original title. That variations clearly triggered enthusiasm from gamer as they shouldn't be afraid in getting caught into boring routines before they level up or get strong enough in facing tougher enemies. There's just so many activities that can be done in this outing as just to earn positive reputation, they must do several things before finally achieving the status they're yearning for.

Having a good reputation is pretty essential in this outing as that system is required for gamer when they wan't to summon a powerful Pal for battle. However, adding Pal is no just the most essential thing that gamer should focus on as they also need to work on that equipment refining, completing quests, acquiring strong skills, working on their astrology system and simply many more entertaining stuffs. Aside from the strong PvE element being introduced in Dragon's Call II, the developer also provide plenty attractive PvP features, including factions war and arena battle.

The battle for this interesting MMORPG title is being setup in a turned-based fashion with additional strategy element being implement as gamer should pay attention on several things as well aside from battering their opponents. Carefully setting what best possible skills to use, arranging formation, etc are quite important if players wan't to finish off their opponent's easily, especially in the PvP battle ground. After finishing a battle, there's an interesting option being offered by this game as gamer can stored their battle reports, which will help remembering anything they earned after getting busy.

This second title of Dragon's Call really provide lots of fun gaming options for those keen with MMORPG as the company really put out strong effort in making a sequel which further attract RPG lovers into playing this outing. Tons of interesting features that were being brought into the mix, added strong playable feel for this second title as gamer are not being forced to get stuck into grinding more during their journey, just so they can finish through the main story line. Pretty solid PvP options, also gives those who are loving this kind of system while playing MMO games will definitely be entertained with what Ray Media are providing them with.

In all, playing Dragon's Call 2 might just be the appropriate sequel for the original title and obviously providing strong attraction for those who have already trying out its original. Though it might not offer any fancy graphics, but it still have detailed background views along with nice character designs, which looked pleasing enough to play with. However, the lack of customization available for designing your hero, plus a very minimum amount of class options being offered, might just be something that lessen the interest of some avid RPG player. Still, this title deserved a shot, especially for those who already taste how things were like in the previous title.

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Dragons Call II

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