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Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness Review Dawn of Darkness is a free to play MMORPG video game that you can play online through your browser. The game is also available to play via Facebook, Android and iOS platforms too. The gameís style is fast paced and not time consuming like other MMORPG games tend to be. If you own a smartphone or tablet, this is a perfect game to whip out and play if youíre waiting for a bus to catch or need some much needs short term entertainment.

Once you have logged in and registered your details, the first thing you will do in Dawn of Darkness is choose a class type and character youíd like to play as. There are three classes in total and they include the Barbarians, Hunters and Rogues. The Barbarians as expected specialize in power so they are good with melee style of combat. Hunters are armed with bow and arrows to their strength lies within long ranged combat. The Rogues act like thieves and are stealthier to their approach. You can choose to be either a male of female character to play as and then you can start playing the game. Thereís no option for you to customize the appearance of your character like you can do with most other MMORPG video games.

Once you have chosen a character, you are immediately transported into the world of Dawn of Darkness and are already on your way to complete your first quest. Dawn of Darkness isnít the type of game that slows down very often because you are always constantly on the move trying to complete a quest for someone. The game doesnít even have a traditional long tutorial that you have to play through either. The first thing you will do in this game is talk to a couple of non-playable characters and you are then already on your way travelling to your first quest assignment.

The reason why Dawn of Darkness Is so fast paced because it makes use of the ďauto-pathingĒ system that is used often in Asian MMORPG video games. This means you donít have to keep looking on your map to see where you have to go next all of the time. All you have to do is click on the link of your quest and your character will automatically travel to the questís destination. This keeps the game exciting since Iíve played lots of MMORPG video games before and it can become a chore trying to find where you need to go to next or finding the right person to talk to.

Itís also worth noting that the loading times in Dawn of Darkness are really fast. It doesnít matter if youíre playing the game on your computer or a mobile device, the loading times are super fast and donít hinder the experience in any way. Even if you are travelling to a new level or location in the game, it only takes a couple of seconds to load.

The combat system is pretty basic because it is fully simulated. All you do is go up against an enemy and you watch how the battle unfolds. The gameís graphics are impressive enough for you to appreciate and witness the combat. Still, I would have liked it if you had control over your character and how they attack enemies during battle sequences.

One unique feature about Dawn of Darkness is that you can recruit teammates that can help you during combat. The first teammate that you can recruit is a panda named Pow Pow. Pow Pow helps you out since your enemies grow in size and number the further you progress into the game. You can also position them to where you want them to fight during combat sequences too. You can either position them at the front of the pack or let them fight at the back. Either way, it kind of allows you to tactically position your characters during battles. Also, when your character has been damaged enough, you can unleash your special attack that deals more damage to the enemies.

The visuals in Dawn of Darkness are great as the character models are rendered in full 3D and the overall look of the game is bright and colorful. The background environments also look lovely as the artwork is detailed throughout. Gameplay wise, the game plays like a 2D side-scroller as the only direction you can travel is left and right. This gives the game more accessibility as some beginners might be overwhelmed playing a full 3D environment video game.

Overall, Dawn of Darkness is a highly enjoyable and fun MMORPG video game that is fast paced and has wonderful graphics. The gameplay is excellent and easy enough for any person to just pick up and play. Not to mention thereís an excellent soundtrack that plays during the background too. If you love playing MMORPG video games, Dawn of Darkness is one game that is worth checking out. It might be too easy for some MMORPG veterans, but its gameplay and presentation is excellent for you to bypass its small flaws.

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