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Absolute Force Online

Absolute Force Online Absolute Force Online is a free to play shooting game that is unique because it’s one of the few video games out there that is a hybrid first-person and third-person shooter. The only other game I remember that allowed you to play from both viewpoints were the old Star Wars Battlefront games. Unlike other free games out there, this game make use of the famed Unreal Engine 3 which ensure the graphics are pretty much up to date and look great. This is to be expected since the game only came out back in November 2012. .

Being that Absolute Force Online is a recent video game, you will need to download a chunk of the game data first in order to play it. The minimum amount of RAM you need is 2GB and you will also need to free up 10GB of hard drive space too. If you have an older computer, you might have trouble playing the game as it is pretty demanding on some machines.

Once you have done all of that, you can then start creating your own character. There are two teams to choose from and they include the “Justice Hand” or “Fallen Angel” factions. The “Justice Hand” is essentially the good guys because they are here to uphold world peace. The Fallen Angels are the bad guys because they pose a threat. It doesn’t really matter what side you choose because you are pretty much just going to shoot at one another and a story is usually irrelevant when it comes to multiplayer only shooting games anyway.

When you have chosen which team you want to be in, you are forwarded to the character creation screen. I must say, this game actually has one of the more attractive looking character models I have seen in a video game in a long time. With more recent games I’ve played, characters look more like ugly mannequins more than anything else. In Absolute Force Online however, you can choose to be either a male of female character and you can make them look as beautiful as you like.

There is a wealth of options at your disposal so you can make your character as unique as possible. This includes giving your character tattoos on their face and body, eye patches, face masks, glasses, dresses and more. Not to mention you can also choose which type of weapons you’d like them to have as well. This includes various different machine guns, pistols, grenades and a whole lot more. I confess that I spent a lot of time customizing my character before I even started playing the actual game!

In terms of the game’s controls, it plays a lot like any other shooting games would on the PC. There’s the usual setup of using the WASD keys to move your character around plus aiming and shooting your guns is controlled using the mouse. You can also crouch and jump like in most other shooting games as well.

Absolute Force Online doesn’t bring anything new to the shooting genre, but the controls work mighty fine for an action packed game like this.

In terms of the actual gameplay, Absolute Force Online is pretty much all that you would want from a shooting game. You pretty much just enter each level with some teammates and kill your enemies. The best thing about the game is that you can play from a first or third person perspective. If you don’t like playing games in first person you can switch to a third person view and vice versa. The only thing that’s missing is a cover system that is usually featured with most other third person shooters.

There is a variety of game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting at all times. There are your standard team deathmatch modes plus Capture the Flag and even a Bomb mode. The two modes that make this game more unique is the Zombie and Vehicle mode. The Zombie mode is where the humans have to kill off all of the zombies. This is no easy task to do because other players can control zombies and infect anyone they want. The vehicle mode is probably the most unique and most enjoyable mode in the entire game. This is because players can take control of Apache helicopters. Up to ten helicopters can be flying all at once for some intense battles.

As much fun as I had playing Absolute Force Online, it isn’t without its flaws. For one thing, the gameplay is very chaotic and becomes very erratic. It’s unlike Ghost Recon Online where you can take your time and pick your spots. This game is pretty much like most shooters where you can just run around and shoot anywhere you like. It can get annoying if you’re not used to a fast paced style and just getting killed all of the time. Respawns are annoying too because you restart in the same position all of the time. This is a game breaker because many players just wait in one position all of the time just to ambush you every time you get revived.

Overall, Absolute Force Online is a highly enjoyable multiplayer shooting game that will satisfy the thirst of most action fans. The gameplay is very fast paced and the graphics and character models are very detailed and look very attractive. Not to mention there are a ton of different modes to keep you entertained for hours on end. If you can bypass some of the game’s minor flaws, you’ll have a real fun time playing this game.

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