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Empire Universe 3

Empire Universe 3 Enjoying Sci-Fi Themed Enjoyment with Empire Universe 3. Receiving positive response for its previous prequels, another exciting series of Empire Universe franchise is set to entertain MMORTS fans as Looki Publishing along with Black Moon Games unleashing the third installment of that space/sci-fi themed empire building strategy outing, which should provide much joy for those who already enjoyed the previous two titles. In Empire Universe 3, gamers will once again be taken into that space adventure which allows them to become not only the ruler of a kingdom or nation, but planets.

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Empire Universe 3

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Empire Universe 3 Game Review

In this RTS outing, players will be given that opportunity to build their own city, research things needed in expanding it, forming alliances, assembling troops, trading goods and also conquering others around you. It's basically similar to any of that games with similar genre, with the main difference relies on its theme and some features. Empire Universe 3 tried to improve some of the things that were considered not appealing enough in previous installments. One thing for sure, this latest series is being crafted to further entertain old fans and also tempting new breed of game lovers into embarking on the world of EU3.

Starting things out, players will be given wide range of options in choosing one out of nine different races in which they want to represent in the game. Each of those races have their own unique traits with pros and cons, so be wise and pick one that can make your playing experience fun. After finishing customizing their character, gamers will be starting their space adventure by figuring out how the planet of their choice would look like. From that early setup, gamers will finally start their gaming journey by arranging all of the things that are commonly seen in city-building type of titles.

Gamers can start arranging their buildings, researching on the things that they can build and simply setting everything in order before getting into other missions. Although this outing doesn't necessarily run in a linear way, but there's still that recommended path that gamers should follow in order to get their game plan running well. Unfortunately, this game might really takes quite a bit of your time, especially during that early building stage where players are required to wait before being continuing their play as just many similar types of games, there are certain situations that should be done before advancing into the next mission.

Obviously, for those who already aware with the potential set back from this kind of game, taking a bit of that time in the game might be rewarding as things should get much more interesting in the long run. However, there's still hard cash option if some players might not be keen on taking much of their time waiting for things to take place as buy purchasing crystals, that certain limit can be reduced or even erased. So, it's advisable that gamers do have that spare time in their hands if they want to fully enjoy this sci-fi experience and earned maximum pleasure instead of just frustrating waiting time.

Another sort of minor blip in Empire Universe 3 would be the graphic which is pretty simple, even for this type of browser-based outing. There's some small amount of cool animation stuffs and neat background images, but since it's mostly a text-based outing, the visual aspect can be considered decent enough as the strategic aspect is the main feature that gamers should pay more attention on. Playing this game is just similar with any other titles from the same genre, as gamers can simply use their mouse pointers to click anything and run everything. It's an easy and simple indeed to play and the friendly display also made things much more comfortable.

The community in Empire Universe 3 is pretty neat as well, with fun discussions always going on and new gamers can always get positive tips in working things out, especially from veteran players. There's obviously that common competitive ranking system, in which gamers can battle out against others in grabbing the top place in EU3's in-game ranking system. Building a good communication and interaction with others are pretty essential in this outing as acquiring strong alliance will give nothing but positive aid in playing this game.

In conclusion, Empire Universe 3 might not be the most visually attractive browser-based MMORTS outing out there, but the developer's experience from shelling out previous two titles basically brought strong premise for this third installment. Those who are keen on the city-building type of genre should really have a taste of this free-to-play game, especially since it does over that unique sci-fi theme, which is still uncommon in this type of outing. However, the considerably long time needed in playing does take some of that enjoyment, especially for new players who are not that comfortable yet with this type of system. Still, as a text-based title, EU3 provide that addictive playing experience, that should entertain plenty city-building type of gamers.

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