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Tera Rising

Tera Rising TERA: Rising Providing New Edge to MMORPG .TERA is the first true action MMORPG, providing all of the depth of an MMO with the intensity and gratification of an action game.

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Tera Rising



Tera Rising Game Review

In recent times online gaming world has been vastly dominated with RPG type of genres with pretty common battle system, which might be considered boring for some gamers, who have more preference for that action sequence hack and slash sort of combat. Providing that type of element, En Masse entertainment along with Blue Hole studio collaborated in dishing out an interesting new breed of MMO that offers that action pack battle system titled, TERA: Rising. This outing really take action RPG fans into that online gaming realm and attract other gamers, who are keen with that hack & slash style to also trying it out.

Tera Rising Gameplay

In TERA Rising, gamers will be taken into that classic fantasy realm which carry that common theme of battle between good against evil, involving seven different races in the game's realm which can also equipped themselves with eight of classes. Starting this outing, players will be given the opportunity in customizing their hero and simply pick which classes along with races they want to be a part of. Although, there's fair tools for customization, but there's still quite lack of uniqueness in some aspect that eventually can't avoid certain kind of similarity between one players to another during the game.

Getting into the game play, as it was explained above, TERA seemingly keen on embarking into a new edge of MMORPG game by setting up that True Action kind of battle system which brought more of real time combat feel instead of the common tab-target style, which can be found in other type of RPGs . This hack and slash style made the game's control in combat rather similar with FPS or shooting kind of genres as gamers are much more engage in the battle with each classes have different actions in the battlefield.

Explaining more about the controlling system, in this outing, players are being given the freedom in using the basic keyboard + mouse style or any game pad tools for PC. However, considering the potential amount of attacking skills that can be used along the way, it's more advisable for new gamers to simply stick with their keys and mouse. In the Battle mode, for movement players can used that basic WASD keys while mouse being used as cursor for aiming targets along with attacking them by clicking either right or left button. Other skills can also be stored in keyboard hotkeys, which made things more comfortable to use instead of game pad. Another advantage in this battle is the incorporation of skill chain system, which allows gamers to use a set of skills for combo attacks just by using one button.

Tera PvP Battle System

Although this game is being crafted into a more of PvE feel, but TERA still offers some interesting PvP system for those who really love to battle against other players . There are several player vs player feature that the game developer set up for your fun experience, such as: a direct one on one battle in Duels, Player Kill mode, unrestricted team battle mode in Deathmatch and also guild wards in the common GvG mode. Not all of those options can be done as you wish, as some will need specific timing schedule and area before it can be done.

Another important features that can be found in TERA that helps your character's enhancement are Equipment modifications, Crystals and also Glyphs. Those three things provides gamers with all the things needed in improving their character's stats and also skills, so paying full attention in them should really help out in finishing the game. There are obviously many other interesting stuffs being offered by the game to attract players in experiencing it, including endgame section that common for RPG lovers. However, that after game section might not be as attractive as many might have expected, as there are not many things to do aside from usual grinding and completing monsters list.

In terms of visual, TERA can be considered as one of the most attractive MMORPG around as its usage of Unreal 3 Engine truly provide strong appearance that meets the eye. Stunning background visuals with colorful world, interesting and also appealing characters design simply attract many gamers to get their hands on it. Unfortunately, the beautiful landscape of TERA isn't being explored to the maximum as gamers can't really role their way into every corner of the world, since there are plenty empty or lifeless paths which won't get them anywhere at all. Another minus would the lack of instructiveness in several areas as some of them looked kind of static, without many changes between natural changes which could make it more attractive. Still, the games do provide a pretty nice music along with soundtrack that helps build the mood and feel while playing.

Tera: Rising Final Verdict

In all, TERA: Rising is indeed an interesting gaming option for 3D Fantasy MMORPG games fans, which are keen in getting a new kind of battling system. The hack and clash feel from this outing really becomes its strong points, which brought that addictiveness for players who have been longing for this type of online RPG. However, the lack of supporting features especially in terms of enhancement also endgame section, might turned some heads off as that's still one of the element that attract players in trying out this kind of genre. Still, the changes from P2P (pay to play) into F2P (free to play ) model simply made TERA a worthy title to check out, especially because of that intriguing battle system.

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