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Min Hero Tower of Sages

Min Hero Tower of Sages Min-Hero: Tower of Sages Review Min-Hero: Tower of Sages is a cute little RPG game that is similar to the ever popular Pokemon series. It involves little kids capturing different monsters and then making them fight amongst one another. It’s a game that will make any Pokemon fan happy or any RPG gaming fan for that matter. It’s instantly playable and you don’t even need a powerful computer to run the game too.

First off, Min-Hero: Tower of Sages is a free to play video game so you don’t even have to pay for it. Second of all, it’s a flash-based video game so you can instantly play the game on your browser without downloading any of the game data first. The game loads up pretty quickly and rarely lags so anyone with a computer and internet connection should be able to play this game easily without experiencing any technical issues.

When the game loads up for the first time, you are prompted to create your own character to be. You can choose between a blonde female and a blonde male. Too bad you cannot alter the appearance for your own character, although this is just a free to play video game after all. Once you decide on a name to give your character, you’re ready to play the game.

The game then gives you a brief introduction about what the game is about. It’s basically that students from around the world want to get trained in a place called the Tower of Sages. Even though thousands of them apply, only a few ever get chosen. You get to play one lucky person that gets chosen to be trained at the Tower of Sages.

The first thing you will do is let the game know about your own personality. You have two “minions” at the start of the game and you have to tell the “Great Sage” how you got them. You can say you “rescued them”, “they were a gift” or even choose not to tell him at all. Choosing one of them will give you a bonus more attack, health or speed.

After walking around for a little bit, you are then asked to battle against three other students before you are able to progress. The first battle will give you helpful tips on battling and is pretty straightforward. Much like other RPG video games before it, Min-Hero: Tower of Sages uses the classic turn based combat system. This is where you are going to take turns attacking rather than controlling your “minion” manually during combat.

The combat interface is nice, big and bright. It’s the type of interface that is appropriate for young kids to follow. The screen is hardly cluttered with lots of buttons like you would see in a MMORPG video game. At first, your minions only have access to two attacks, but they’re repertoire increases as you progress further into the game.

Apart from a health bar, minions will also have an “energy” bar too. Certain attacks use up the energy bar so you cannot use the most powerful attacks all of the time. This brings a bit of strategy to the game because you don’t want to use up your best attack all of the time as you may run out of it sooner than later.

Another great feature about Min-Hero: Tower of Sage’s combat is that each minion has strengths and weaknesses. For example, a plant minion is weak against fire so it’s a good idea to use “fire” against this type of enemy. Likewise, your own minions are weak against certain attacks so you have to be careful on who you want to attack first. The best thing you should do is try and defeat the toughest enemy first, before finishing off the others. This is easier said than done of course because the enemy can also kill off your toughest minion on the battlefield first as well.

Graphically, this game is wonderful to look at and features the cute character models that are akin to Pokemon games. The small characters look very cute and the bright colored environments are detailed and are a joy to witness. Walking around in this game rarely gets boring because the maps are nicely laid out and everything is great to look at overall. Not to mention there are over 100 minions in this game that looks very unique and different. The minions start off looking cute and innocent but they evolve to become bigger and more menacing.

The audio is of a high quality too. The game may lack voice-overs, but the background music is lovely to listen to and doesn’t repeat itself all of the time like in other games. The sound effects during battles are also well done and add to the cut-like atmosphere that this game is aiming for. It’s much better than playing the game without any audio whatsoever like other free to play video games.

Another thing to note about this game is that difficulty curve is done correctly too. The start of the game is easy and teaches you all of the basics of winning in battles. When you progress further into the game, things get harder but not to a level where it gets too frustrating. The difficulty doesn’t jump dramatically as the game usually gets harder once you level up and learn new skills.

Overall, Min-Hero: Tower of Sages is a fun and cute video game that is playable for anyone of any age category. The game’s appearance may look like it’s catered towards kids, but the gameplay is surprisingly deep and Pokemon fans will love it too. There are several environments and battles for you to wade through and over 100 minions in the game in total. If you’re looking to play an accessible RPG-like game, look no further than with Min-Hero: Tower of Sages. It is sure to keep you highly entertained for several hours.

Rating: 5.00 [Rate]
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Min Hero Tower of Sages

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