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Bonfire is what happens when you take a battle system out of an RPG, boil it down to what really matters strategically, and make it super-hard. Itís a game takes 10 minutes to learn, but hours upon hours of sweet suffering to get good at. You form a party of three distinct heroes and use it progress through randomized quests and puzzle-like challenges. You manage your health, come up with cool strategies to get out of hopeless situations, think when to activate powerful single-use items, and improvise to get the most of your setup. Defeat comes often, but it only makes the rare victory that much sweeter. Progression unlocks more characters, allows to develop their stats, initial equipment, and further customize your strategy. The game is set up so that every encounter and party combination requires improvisation and custom approach. All monsters are designed to break or counter different strategies, and your characters are pretty fragile. Trying to do the same thing over and over results in a quick defeat. Every turn, you must consider whatís the best action to take, depending on the encounterís composition, your charactersí status, and what items are available. Each battle is a puzzle of its own.The rules are simple: Create a party of three heroes. Kill monsters in a stream of turn-based battles. Each hero uses a different ability depending on if you click an enemy, an ally, or yourself. Progression unlocks more heroes, upgrades, and harder quests. The strategy is hard: Quests are randomized. You have to make the best of any situation. Knowing when to use powerful single-use items is the key to victory. Thereís no saving. When you die, you die. Cool tactics and combos are not only possible, but mandatory.

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