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Tales of Solaris

Tales of Solaris Review Tales of Solaris is a free to play MMORPG video game. It is fantasy based much like most games of this genre, but it’s also browser-based too. This means the game is pretty much easy for you to play on any computer since you don’t need to download or install any of the game data first in order for the game to work.

The game starts you off on the character selection screen. There are six class types you can choose from and they are: Warrior, Mage, Sniper, Wizard, Assassin and Priest. It’s unique that the game included a “Sniper since you don’t see them very often in RPG video games. They are mostly common in shooting games however. You don’t get the chance to customize the look for your character in Tales of Solaris as you can only choose either a male or female version from each class type.

Once you have chosen your preferred character and given them a name, you can then finally officially start Tales of Solaris. The game only takes a mere few seconds to load and then you are already prompted to play through the game’s tutorial. Tales of Solaris uses the very helpful “auto path” system so your character can walk automatically to locations and quests that they might need to go to. This saves you time looking at the map all of the time and clicking everywhere for your character to move.

The tutorial is very basic as it will set you up nicely for you to engage in your first battle. When you accept quests, you can mostly equip any weapons and armor that is given to you automatically. The layout and overall design of the game is very helpful. You don’t have to remember obscure hit keys or anything like that in order to upgrade your character’s stats and equipment. Most of the buttons you need are located conveniently at the bottom of the screen.

After talking to several characters in the village, you are then ready to practice in your first battle. Unlike other MMORPG video games out there, Tales of Solaris goes back to the old-school turn-based battle system. Fans of older Final Fantasy video games will love this. Not to mention it’s more fun to play RPG games this way than the plethora of free to play games nowadays that opt for the “simulated” only approach.

The turn-based battles are fairly easy to master and not all that complicated for those that have seen it all before. When you engage in a battle, a separate screen loads up which acts as your battleground so to speak. After your practice round, you will talk with another character where you will be able to partner up with your first ever pet. The first pet are obtained was a feisty pink dog which had a pretty helpful claw attack. Once you have a pet, it will follow you around and help you out whenever you start any battle with someone.

The only annoying part about Tales of Solaris is that it has “random battles”. This means you cannot see the enemies walking around if you want to fight them or not. Battles are randomly generated if you’re walking in the right area to initiate one in the first place. This could be annoyance to players that may want to pick and choose when they want to fight.

The actual gameplay in Tales of Solaris is very fast-paced and you will go through quests quite quickly. Not to mention the battles at the very beginning of the game are easy to breeze through and you will level up in no time. You will also gain lots of extra items and equipment for your character to use as well. Much like other games from the MMORPG genre, the more you play the more skills you obtain which make the game even more fun.

Graphically, Tales f Solaris is very pretty. The character models are cute, although they’re pretty clichéd. If you’ve played any other Japanese style RPG game in your life, chances are you can probably guess what the characters will look like in this game. This is why I think it would have been better if you were able to customize the look of your characters to make them appear more unique. The level design is bright and colorful too much like you would expect from Japanese video games. One of my favorite features of the game however is the music. There’s something about the music in RPG video games that make them both catchy and relaxing at the same time.

All in all, Tales of Solaris is a fun free-to-play video game that is appropriate for all ages and people o any skill level. It may not be the most unique RPG video game out there, but its bright and colorful presentation is very welcoming. The gameplay is addictive, but be aware that it has random battles like old-school RPG video games used to have. If you’re looking for a RPG game that to play in your spare time, Tales of Solaris is one that is sure to occupy you for quite some time.

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