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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft.

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Guild Wars 2

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Feeling an Interactive Story and Gaming World in Guild Wars 2 Review

Many innovations have been crafted by online game developers in acquiring unique outing which separate themselves from many similar genres. One of the few interesting titles that have that certain uniqueness would be NCSOFT and ArenaNet outing titled, Guild Wars 2 which provide that interesting personal story mode and other intriguing features for MMORPG. That story though can really be considered as a unique aspect in which gamers can experience a unique path for their characters as only their actions can affect all the things that happens to them. In Guild Wars 2, gamers are being brought into a dynamic, vast and beautiful world of Tyria which is is also filled with seemingly deadly terror of evil. The player is bound to become one of those warriors fighting against monsters while experiencing their own unique storyline which they basically setup by filling up the biography choice that gamers made early in the game. How things will go in the end is also determined by gamers' interaction and decisions they made during their journey.

Starting things out, players are being asked to pick up their appropriate home world, which will give aid during game as picking the correct world should make things easier as they can interact with community that speaks the same language and also playing in similar time zone. After determining the home world, next stop will be choosing your game characters, picking one out of five interesting races and deciding what profession you like best out of eight available options. Gamers are also being allowed to customized the appearance of their selected hero, before filling out their biography witch selection is also being determined with the races they previously picked. The game control for Guild Wars 2 are far from complicated as it's the regular keyboard plus mouse system, using WASD movement style which are very common for any MMORPG players. During combat, things are also pretty simple as players can attack their enemies by tapping their mouse or keys, though the range also depends a lot with what type of character that gamers' control. Skills usage also being set in the most common way, with additions such as interesting combo attacks with other characters. Another interesting thing that can be found during combat is the fact that gamers can manually dodge attacks, without dependency in the usual RNG (Random Number Generators). Since every character possessed a stamina bar, players can simply decide when they want to avoid enemies attack.

Guild Wars 2 is being presented in such lovely graphic that possessed stunning playing world along with pretty strong details and quite interesting characters design. The huge world map also allows players to further enjoy themselves in that attractive and interactive Tyria world, which can change a lot without gamers knowing it. This big realm can also be an issue though as without any mounting, players can have difficulties in reaching into their selected destination, though there's fast travel means, but it can be very expensive at times. Guild Wars 2 have an intriguing game play indeed as apart from finishing their personal stories, gamers can always embark on PvP mode, which though not having much open world for that mode, but there's an interesting World versus World options which is very competitive and interesting as it requires strong team work in order to win it. Obviously, gamers can also team up with others in finishing up their mission and storyline as the community in this outing is pretty helpful and friendly. Other interesting features that can be found are currencies, trading and also crafting, which all important in helping gamers in finishing their journey.

Final Verdict for Guild Wars 2

Overall, this outing is a well crafted MMORPG which allow gamers to experience intriguing solo adventure along with interesting social constructiveness of an online game. So, any type of gamers can basically chose which kind of adventure they want to embark in Guild Wars 2, as the title offers that opportunities. The unique storyline and huge world map simply triggered that addictiveness which somehow persuade gamers in coming back to taste the adventure. Obviously things are not perfect, as limited open world selection for PvP, might brought disappointment for those who are keen with this feature. Still, being free from any monthly subscription, GW2 are one of those games that any RPG lovers should not missed out at least in having a small taste of it.

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26 November 2013ver2305
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