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Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin Reliving Chinese Martial Arts Era in Age of Wulin

Martial arts' history in China is considered as one of the most exciting legendary tale that inspired plenty stories and films about famous sect or schools, such as Shaolin, Wudang, Beggars' Sect, Emei and many more. Recently, this legendary tale can also be experienced by gamers all over the globe as Suzhou Snail developed an interesting MMORPG titled, Age of Wulin (which is also called Age of Wushu in North America). In collaboration with Gpotato as its publisher, AoW seemingly set to provide entertainment for gamers, who have strong interest in legendary martial arts tale and keen on experiencing that era.

Being set in medieval China era, filled with martial artists roaming around, gamers are taken into that moment which many people usually saw from many kung-fu based dramas or movies. You will be acting as newbie martial art prodigy, who has to pick between eight major school or sects which eventually determined your faith as an martial artist. Those sects are not all representing heroic values as it's being separated into good ones, neutral and also those sharing evil deeds. Obviously, the choice that gamers made on those schools will play an important part in how their adventure goes, especially since AoW developer are implementing such interactive environment with random NPC encounters system, which could vary depending on how you handle your characters.

Giving further explanation about the schools that players can choose in this game, there are four good schools/sects being setup here, which are: Shaolin, Wudang, Emei and also Beggars clan. As for the neutral ones, there are two of them, Scholar along with the Tang Clan. There are also two evil clans, Royal Guards and Blissful Valley. Each of those sects have unique martial arts characteristics, so gamers can choose what kind of martial arts that attract them the most in determining their option. Withough any levels and significant character classes, choosing one of those schools are the main key for this unique martial arts themed outing.

As it was explained above, this game doesn't have any levels or class system, so in enhancing their characters, gamers is being provided with a rather uncommon development system by mainly using experience points that being turned into cultivation points which are being directly spread to increase ones skills set. Another unique thing is, gamers won't have to grind their way in battles in acquiring experience as in Age of Wuling, and players can earn that exp through various activities and missions. So, those who are not that keen on grinding enemies, should really feel plenty of easy while playing this outing.

Although there's no class being implemented in Age of Wulin, RPG gamers still can experience a sort of similar atmosphere with professions features which should keep that interesting role playing feels going. There are in total 17 professions which are being divided into four sub-categories, that gamers can acquire in this outing, with some of them are rather unique and uncommon ones in RPG, such as beggar, painter, musician, chess players and many others. Choosing one of them isn't just for some random fun gaming stuff though as each of those jobs can provide additional stats that can be very useful for your characters.

In terms of control, Age of Wulin offers gamers options in using common MMO setup by using WASD keys as directional pad with mouse being used as camera control. There's also another option which is using mouse to move your characters around, so it all depends a lot on each gamers' style and preference while playing this type of game. In terms of combat, there's collection of skills that players can use several hotkeys that are being described during tutorials. Regarding its game play, this martial arts themed outing, basically dwells in between PvE along with PvP sections just like any MMORPG titles as gamers enhancing their skills by finishing each missions while completing the game's unique story line and eventually having some fun as well as earning cool stuffs by battling against other players.

There are tons of interesting features that can be discovered in this game, with the epic novel inspired story line which gets tougher each chapters. Having a very uncommon character development system also trigger plenty interest for any RPG lovers in trying out this promising outing from gPotato game publisher. An interesting off line system which allowed your character to keep their improvement despite not being online, is also an interesting feature which might not be find any other titles. The unique theme also helped creating unique fun stuffs that players can experience, such as kidnapping others, spying, escorting and many other crazy ideas. The PvP system also offers similar fun aspect as gamers can either compete with other players from the same sects for acquiring master status or battling it out with different schools.

With such unique theme, exciting storyline plus a pretty neat graphic which provide an interesting description of China's condition, landscape and other vivid images during that period. Flashy combat sequences also added that excitement for any gamers, especially those who have always been fascinated with martial arts themed outing. Added with pretty neat character designs and options in customizing your hero in the beginning simply create that comfortable atmosphere for those playing it. However, those uncommon features, system, interactive story might also be one of the flaws from Age of Wulin, since there's just isn't much in-depth tutorials being given, especially for new gamers. Moreover, the fact that one account is only allowed to create one character, simply minimize the wide range of options that the game premise.

Overal, Age of Wulin is a really interesting MMORPG to play with as it possessed tons of interesting stuffs that might not be found yet in many other titles with similar genre. Despite several minor technical stuffs, this free-to-play outing is obviously a worthy option for those who are keen on experiencing something different from the common online RPG theme.

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Age of Wulin

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